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Is cod4 still hacked?


If you guys didn't know, cod4 is my favorite cod of all time (and most of other cod players.) I knew that this game got pooped on by 11 year old ape faced tard kids who like ruining the fun for other people. I love cod4 due to the reason that everything there is balanced, no acr. Also, I like it because I don't get hunted down by a predator missle or some crap like that all the damn time. It is a nice and fun game that everyone liked.


What I'm asking you guys is: Is cod4 still infected with these underaged derptard modders? Because I really want to go back to that game since mw3 is kinda getting both boring and annoying with all the ACRs and MP7s. Please, If you are an owner of cod4, can you please tell me if it is clean because I really want to pick up that game. Thanks!