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2 Types of Players I hate to team with


First type of player is the dude who ignores the objective, putting kills and their kill/death ratio over winning the game and having the bragging rights.


Second type are the players who play a objective game mode and don't go for the objective and fail miserable at getting kills, ending a game going 10-30 while being a burden on the players who are trying to win the game.


Out of the 2 types of players, I depise the 2nd type the most.


I play CTF most of the time doing MW3 and I always end up with teammates who end the game going 10-30 without touching the enemy flag or trying to defend our flag, they spend most of their time being burdens running around like chickens with their head chop off or spending the entire game attempting to quickscope. I don't see how they are having fun while being the enemies ******* in a sense, I played games where I wasn't good at and I stopped playing the game because 1) I wasn't having fun and 2) I was a burden on the teammates. If you going to play any game mode, then find a style that works for you. If you suck at running and gunning, defend the objective or hold down a spot, if you don't have the patience to defend or hold down a spot, then run and gun if you good at it, if not then defend, but please don't make yourself a burden by running around like a full-blown idiot giving the enemy easy kills and killstreaks.