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Console ARMY ***A TOP 100 Clan & CNOP Approved*** Now Recruiting



STOP, why be a lone wolf and risk getting pwned. Join Console Army (CA) today and join one of the most organized clans out there known to the PS3 and XBOX 360 world. Join the ranks and pursue total domination of the oncoming enemy. We work like the military with an online community to discuss tactics as well as many more topics to reply to and create. CA has practice days where we put tactics to test and work on becoming not just PS3/XBOX warriors but also have created an unbreakable friendship online. Console ARMY opened up it's Elite Clan here about seven weeks ago and is ranking up fast, even with the limited amount of members we have. We are searching for members from North & South America and Europe.

  • W/L has been known to increase
  • With military comparison chances to lead your own squad to victory
  • Learn and create tactics to test on the Battlefield
  • Always building a bond with members
  • With over 300 members and growing never play another game alone
  • Play with like minded mature (requirement)  players that all have mics (requirement)


What are you waiting for check us out at http://www.consolearmyhq.com/  Tell them CJ


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