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Looking for a clan to join


Looking for a clan that likes to win and have a good time. Gamertag is Fapuccinoo.

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    what on ps3,


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    Hey USAFEsty,

    Casual or competitive. Death bringers offers both. You have supplied you gamer tag so I assume you play Xbox. Right now we are building our roster and you can be a member of our next competitive team for MW3 or even Black Ops 2. We like to have a good time with mature gamers both in and out of the game. You can visit our clan website at www.dbc-forum.net . From there you can visit the forums and join the clan. In the meantime feel free to add my gamer tag and I could play a few games with you.

    My gamer tag is XSoldat13.

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    MeeP are currently recruiting we are a black ops clan at the moment and looking to take the clan to other call of duty games too we quickscope at the moment but also looking to take it to an any guns clan too if you are interested add me on xbl MeeP x ScopezZ or visit www.meepxclan.co.uk have a scout around and apply via the site.

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    Hey I am recruiting for a new clan that only has two members at the moment but planning to grow big, we will have youtube where you can upload your monatges and also we recomended if you had skype so we could add you onto the clan chat. There is also a GFX Studio where you can upload your speedarts and edittited montages etc. If you would like to join add - LukeWilbo if you're a player and want to join and add amylouisejones1998if you want to be a GFX Designer or Editor.

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    SPR is running just about everything, including squads and Zombies for Black Ops 2. Check us out:




    If you need something that's not on there, let me know so we can work it out.

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    Do you find yourself standing in a corner with only three bullets left and nobody that has your back? Well look no further, If you're looking for a community with a structured military based ranking system & values teamwork, communication, & having the upper hand on your enemy during battle, Shadow Company is a home for YOU...Shadow Company is now recruiting & since we cover multi platform/multi franchise games, you won't ever be in that situation again. In Shadow Company, we have 500+ members that span from the US to even Europe. If fighting alone doesn't seem to fit your playstyle anymore then go to "www.theschq.com" and register today. Must have a working mic.




    Feel free to add me on PSN my PSN ID Gamer Tag is (MostHatedCrazie)

    A "Meet & Greet" is required upon registration

    How did you hear about Shadow Company?

    "Refered by MostHatedCrazie"






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    Hey USAFEsty,


    I have just recently started a clan called the Jew Crew Clan. my website is http://jewcrewclan.enjin.com/ if you are thinking of not joining the clan because there are not many people, do not worry.I have lots of friends that are sending applications and the clan will grow very large. If you have any questions, email me at jewcrewclan@gmail.com. To apply, simply go to our website and click the Join/Register tab to fill out an application. You sound like a GREAT fit for our clan!

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    Well then join iwin on live and iwinclan on elite