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Hacker Game Filter Suggestion

So there I was exiting yet another ctf game because of a hacker.  You may know him c0z3n he's been going for a while now, weeks probably, reported numerous times.  He doesn't even bother to change his name.  But I digress. 


I am not a writer of code or even believe that I can speak knowledgeably on the matter however I believe I can describe a function that I would like in the next iw/sh mw type game, as far as an anti cheat system.  And really this is not an anti cheat system.  It is a game filter.


What I have discovered is, that I don't care if hackers get banned all I really want is to not be in the same game with them.


It would work much like the toggle mute function that we already have.  As a player gets into games and discovers hackers, the player should have the ability to toggle filter the offending persons account and filter him away from games that he is already in.  It would work something like this, lets say I toggle filter my friend c0z3n and I go looking for a different ctf game, if he is already in a game my filter would not allow me to join his game and find another more suitable game. 


At least in this way when I leave a game because of a hacker I am not put right back in the same game when I search for another game. 


In a perfect world c0z3n's filter system would also recognize people that don't want to play with him and not put him in games where people have filtered him.  Let's say for instance c0z3n goes searching for a game and there is a game that has room but every player in the game has filtered his account.  His filter should not allow him in.  And search for another more suitable game.


In this way there is NO failing Anti cheat system to blame it is just me telling my game to not put me in a game with a player I don't want to play with.


Is this a reasonable thing that can be put in a game?


I am sure there is a hundred reason why this will not work but please leave a comment or flame on!

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    Hi John


    No flames required, this is a good idea and one myself and a couple of others have suggested (I also put it in the TU and Hotfixes thread for good measure).


    There would be some hurdles I expect:


    1. I expect that the matchmaking system doesn't interogate IWNet lobbies for players names or the lobbies don't advertise who is in them, so that would be new functionality to code into the matchmaking.


    2. The names list would likely slow down the matchmaking, but this might actually have a beneficial side effect, as I think the matchmaking is way too quick to discard lobbies currently and you may therefore get into more lower ping games with a smaller spread of latencies (if this works it would also help with the lag compensation/client side prediction).


    3. The client would need some UI coding and an array/file to store the "players to avoid" list, but this should not be beyond the capabilities of any decent coder.


    Nothing major I can see other than the normal corporate inertia and Release Management cycle to run through (assuming IW follow something like an ITIL discipline in their dabbling as a service provider...cough IW should look up Problem Management cough ;-) ).


    I don't think we'd be wise to hold our collective breaths whilst waiting though ;-)

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      Ya no breath holding, considering I have a theory about the apparent lack of enthusiasm when dealing with hackers (bancandi not withstanding). 


      It is my belief that the lack of anti hacker support is intentional when the aim is to drive the available market into the console arena. 


      Right now they can't exactly turn their backs on the pc market.  It is small but there is money to be made from it.  But lets say the pc market shrinks even more because people just don't want to be bothered with hackers and opt for the xbox version.  It could very definately get to a place where the resources spent on development for the pc version out weighs the profits from the pc market.  Especially when there are pc converts to the xbox.


      This tactic also strengthens there good will/position with microsoft who we all know is driving this train.


      How's that for a conspiracy theory?  lol.  All kidding aside, I believe it.

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      If you leave it for a few mins - maybe 1or 2 depending on your situation, it will throw you in with a different crowd.

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    Seems like a pretty good idea, I see you've put some time and thought into this.

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    I wish you were the CO. on Activision´s production update department. I seems that - though I believe that the reply about "conspiracy" fairly or exactly accurate - developers on Activision and associates, and the whole marketing machinery is failing to see that "hackers" are mostly minors without any real income or are socially disoriented rejects - who masturbate a lot - and the ones with economic capacity are long gone because of those "cheaters". I feel like i´ve been fooled, and i must learn from this. Never again will Activision get a single penny from me ( no matter what the platform is ) unless something is done about this missuse.


    Viva la FAIRPLAY.

    thanks allyall for posts and thoughts....


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      I don´t know why there are so many hackers,but do something against them please!


      http://www.youtube.com/user/CallOfDutyMajors  mw3 videos and more.

      your opinion is gold (:

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      Bottom line here is this: It really does not matter what age the hackers are. I have been playing this series since COD4. I know what a hacker is; i know what a wall hack is; I know what an aimbot is.......they are out there and rampant in MW3. Trying to put in words how to spot a hacker is a waste of time. They are easy to spot if you know what to watch for. An experienced player (not talking about really good players) can tell when someone is "walling" or "aimbotting". I was in 3 different servers tonight and every one of them were riddled with the cheats. One server had a player who was arrogant enough to call themself "Hacker" and yes, a blantant hacker. I turned them in thru STEAM which seems to be a joke within itself. Nothing will happen to them. It is highly frustrating to spend $60 on a game that will end up getting uninstalled and never played because it is ruined by these individuals that would rather cheat than just play the game. Do you blame the people for buying the cheats? Maybe yes, maybe no. If someone would start pursuing the companies that create these cheats and sueing them, we could at least start to get a grip on all this gargabe that is gradually ruining PC Gaming.                Just my opinion...........

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    A [Block All Play] button will do it. There is already a [Block All Communication] button. It would be simple. And the community can isolate the cheaters themselves. XBox is an expensive proposition. It's expensive to set up and expensive to play. Screw that. And to make it worse, they don't tell you there is a monthly subscription until after you've bought the equipment. That is an underhanded trick and a scam... but typical of Microsoft. I know more than one person who fell for that scam, and they moved to PC. It's cheaper and better all around. Consoles are for 12 and under kids.

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    Problem is, a lot of players think anyone who's better than them by a noticeable margin, is hacking. This would ruin matchmaking since a lot of people would simply block anyone that's better than them. Would also make leaderboards irrelevant as people would simply block out anyone who's better than them to get into lobbies with worse players.


    Not that there's a lot of hackers but most people's judgement about who is hacking and not is often horrible.


    I get the idea, and I understand why you'd want to be able do do such a thing but the ramifications on the game makes it a impractical solution

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      I disagree. You shouldn't have to play with anyone you don't want to play with, hacking or not. And how is that different than having a server where you can block players. Leaderboards are useless anyway, do away with it. It would go a long way toward fixing things. It is perfectly practical, and about damn time.

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      I do agree that there are those people who have no judgment when it comes to hackers.  But I also believe you are overstating the fall out from a player controlled name or account filter. 


      I mean really if you are concerned about the legitimacy of leader boards then I would think that getting rid of or not playing with hackers would be a step in that direction.


      I still believe that if this is a reasonable thing that it would help the community.  At the very least it would clean up our forums from all the posts about hackers and Activision needing to do something.

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      DrDouchebag wrote:


      Problem is, a lot of players think anyone who's better than them by a noticeable margin, is hacking. This would ruin matchmaking since a lot of people would simply block anyone that's better than them. Would also make leaderboards irrelevant as people would simply block out anyone who's better than them to get into lobbies with worse players.


      Not that there's a lot of hackers but most people's judgement about who is hacking and not is often horrible.


      I get the idea, and I understand why you'd want to be able do do such a thing but the ramifications on the game makes it a impractical solution

      Spoken like a true hackers advocate:


      are you saying that we're not capable of policing our selves?


      How has this Activision nanny state work out for us so far?


      But you're argument doesn't hold water; I have been banned from servers for calling some one a sissy, as well as hackusation.

      guess what? my world didn't end!

      all this crap about being falsely accused is just that; crap.

      being spewed by people who don't want anything to get in the way of their misbehavior.

      Leader boards are already irrelevant, do to the hacking.


      why pretend like it matters? if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

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        You sir, are correct!

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          The doctor is right.  The rampant confirmation bias is just as much of a problem as the actual hackers.  Any attempt at policing the hacking is crippled by the flooding of reports of every noob that gets stomped by someone who is decent. 


          I pretty much only play this console port because the community is so out of touch of high-level FPS play that it is actually entertaining getting called a cheater every other game while playing legit.  As I play I might run into a handful of blatant hacks and occassionally someone using a wallhack, but not this "Can't find a game without a hacker!!!" nonsense.


          There are no where near as many hackers as the casuals and amateurs want to believe.  There are people in the world who can consistently make ridiculous shots, rarely miss, path predict, and do a whole host of things that would seem like hacking to the inexperienced player.  In truth outside of extremely blatant aimboting there isn't much difference between someone hacking and hiding it and good players.


          For example, most high level players can twitch producing a lightning quick motion that would rival an aimbot.  The only way to tell the difference is that an aimbot reaches a position on the model and then tracks perfectly looking very mechanical i.e. like the kill cams from choppers and sentry guns.  For wallhackers who don't spend 100% of the game tracking through walls the only way I can tell if someone is probably using them is by where they are not looking.  Good players will always pre-aim where they are about to peak presuming people could be there.  Wallhackers will do the samething but disregard places a good player would have looked because they know no one is there.     


          If you guys really want to help diminish hacking in this game then prioritize reporting the blatant aimbotters and hacked servers/hosts. 

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            The game it's self leads to other players think he/she is hacking just look at the perks you can have you own uav, is one? a good player can tell what direction your coming from and jump out on you, the replay shows that player tracking you through a wall and the shooting you ? you then type wall hacker etc there are lots of perks in the game that when shown on the replay look like an hack,,, the only hacker that stands out a mile is an aim botter and some speed hacker a wall hacker has to be viewed for some time or there play recorded and reviewed... I admin a server and troll youtube to see what a hack looks like and how the player plays the game and I've done it for years on our Cod4 server and I can tell you it is hard to tell if a player is hacking "other than say aim botting"

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              Oh don't get me wrong:


              If you've been on this forums long you'd seen that I do not cry wolf.


              in fact I have been accused (by none other then BullCrap, UKreaper, Crapduster, or what ever other alias he goes by) of being, a hackers advocate.


              because I know when some one is just a good player.


              and that is my point: you both have just proven that we are not so stupid that we're unable to police our own servers.


              Sure there will always be the UKreapers of the world reporting every one that can beat them; but their protest will be out weighed by reality.


              If some one only get reported by a small margin of crybaby's, they have nothing to worry about.


              If an entire server reports some one, or they are reported by a majority of players all the time then they should be flagged for review.


              I really don't see how any one could argue with that; unless they had something to hide.

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            I was just wondering after all this time if you still feel this way.  Or have you quit the game because it is unplayable?


            The whole prioritizing and reporting thing didn't work out.

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    Well....if IW actually cared about their games rather than the holy $ then maybe they'd make a game right for once. Much less actually care for their PC version (port FROM consoles which is ironic since CoD started on PC) then maybe MW3 would be enjoyable. But because the company has fallen to such lows as to only apply 1 update for the PC every several months the system has become hacker infested just like MW2.

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      We don't want console type game play on our PC. If we did we would buy a console(duh). Is this so difficult to understand IW? Logon COD4 and look at how many servers/players there are,16k last I checked. You can play just about anything you want, no mods no problem and a whole @#%$load of mod servers. This was a building block for you guys and yet you threw it in the trash(multiplayer side). When we have to dig in our routers/call ISP(which say this is dangerous and wont help you btw) you guys should say hmmm is this what we want to do here for PC? I was a retard who stood in line for 3 hours to get MW2(thinking IW would not do this to the pc gaming community by taking dedicated servers out, I said its a hoax) and boy was I mad when I got home and installed it and played about 3 hours and aimbots where out already with noway to kick/ban or anything. So what did I do here? I left the "lobby" and tried again only to be in the same game again. I am not some young kid here(35) and prolly don't even cater to your market when you promote your games. As this is obvious when you listened to the kids instead of true PC gamer's and made match making on the PC. While your games are awesome, but you guys have to say to your round table, PC guys are different then console guys we have to fit there market as well. If you cant hear us then don't make a PC side of the game you are making, just turn your backs and never look back. MW3 you did the same thing and yet we listed again. Yes there will be dedicated servers for MW3 then no post or anything till the last min(servers will be unranked) to keep us at bay from not buying your game? Come on guys step it up and listen to us for a change! You have no clue how bad you have destroyed the PC community. Clans have died, competitions have died where you guys should have been all over this and really bring something special back with ESPN gaming tournaments, LAN events and all kinds of things to sell your game on the PC side. I could go on and on. I myself am a competition player( multiple games America's Army, l4d, l4d2, COD4, Alteriw MW2<<picked up where you guys failed and MW3) Now my Clan wants to move to another game. This was my reply to them.  When PC gaming die's I will blame Infinity Ward and Microsoft for this then hang my gaming days up and RAGE QUIT!

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        Well said. It would be better and more honest for them to just quit making PC games. They are not doing anyone justice. And besides that, they should partner with AlterIW, because those guys have a better idea, instead of just making enemies. In fact making enemies looks like the thing they do best. Bad company, run by bad people with bad ideas and attitudes... no wonder it sucks.

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          batmanCOD wrote:


          Well said. It would be better and more honest for them to just quit making PC games. They are not doing anyone justice. And besides that, they should partner with AlterIW, because those guys have a better idea, instead of just making enemies. In fact making enemies looks like the thing they do best. Bad company, run by bad people with bad ideas and attitudes... no wonder it sucks.

          Amen! +1

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        I'm sorry to tell you but they don't make these games for PC. I play PC myself so don't think I don't understand. The game is made to work for Xbox and XBL. There they have a better reporting system where on PC those elements suck. Don't expect to be heard because Activision will only listen to green.

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    Actaully you guys look at filters with baby eyes. There can and should be filters that reduce the chance of encountering a player that you blacklisted. Of course it wouldn't completelty remove them from your local matchmaking, just make it less probable for them to join games you are on above all others. I myself rarely play with hackers more than twice and I play on PC.


    Blacklisting is a very imortant tool that should be in all online games. You wouldn't want a known pedifile living in your community right? Then, why allow known hackers play with you in game? Look im not saying there should be pedifle filters, but you need to get the point. Blacklisting should mark players based on how many players report them, so that their ligitamacy can be checked by the bann hammer. At the same time black listing a player reduces encounter rate.


    Blacklisting cheaters or hackers would then only be limited to an amount per day, or even better lay out a max percentage of blacklisting players. For example, to begin all playes have a max 10 percent reduction rate. for every other player balcklisted the 10 percent is divided into the players reported in total. Just an idea, and it's very flexable.

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    This is such a simple brilliant idea, that ive linked this thread to all the iw/shg/activ,contacts on my twitter account, furthermore ive told them they should employ you, coz your idea would make this game a lot more enjoyable.. and its better than most of the tosh coming from the studios...


    where iwnet fails


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    That´s a great idea, and it could be added the following, to avoid good players to be blocked it could be set a pre-determined number of blocks, then, if a player reached that amount it would be investigated (i think the best way is to be followed in matches by a mod) and then if the conclusion was "his just a good gamer that others hate" he would continue gaming, but if he hacked he would be banned from public servers.

    Due to the small amount of PC players i think this would be one of the best way to stop hackers and cheaters..