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Why do I can't play online?

I've recently bought mw3 via Steam. From the first day I can't play online. Error: server is not available at this time. I reinstalled game, DirectX, vcredist from redist folder, verified integrity of game cache, disabled firewall. Updates installed automatically with steam. I have win7 x86. MW2 works perfectly and other games too.

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    probably a dumb question but did you start the game > click start > waited > "server is not available at this time" message > close the game? or did you try multiple times without closing the game?


    I'm only asking because it used to be for me that everytime I start multiplayer the first time i click start it will say that then the second time i click it it goes through and i have no problems.

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      thanks for reply. I've tried multiple times without closing game and play online/servers > "server is not available at this time" > quit. Then again. Several times. Unfortunately it doesn't help. Sometimes there is Facebook bookmark and message about available DLC in main screen in multiplayer and sometimes not.