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Glitch or Hack?

I didn't exactly take screenshots but here's what happened.


The first time I saw this the guy was definately hacking, ultd ammo and everything else. I reported that guy already. This time "DaBears!"(different person) wasn't least it didn't look like it he had a normal looking score but the guy was walking around looking like a fighter get used for airstrikes and after I  died for the 2nd time it looked like a SMAW was following me then after 3 more times of dying I had a sentry gun following me....


I have never cheated nor will I ever I was wondering whether it was a hacker(I call them p#### script runners) that did it or if it was a genuine glitch. If it was a hacker then I'd like to say I thought the last patch for PC was supposed to prevent players from being matched up with those kinds of people. The guy also had a yellow colored clan tag that didn't show up on the final score only on his callsign and emblem box. I was told by support PC players are not allowed to do that.