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Next Zombies DLC Ideas?

Hi I want to know what places you'd like to see the Zombies Franchise go to, and and things they need to change.


My idea is an Southern Hemisphere Map either on a tropical Island or Australia.

There is yet to be a southern hemisphere map in Call of Duty Zombies (or it has not been acknowledged).


Anyway I think if its in Australia it should be either on Uluru or around the Sydney Harbour Bridge/Opera House area.



The Players start in a tourist shack just outside Uluru and Buy doors to go up multiple paths of the rock. The 3 middle paths all lead to the top where the mystery box will spawn first. The other paths lead into caves and ridges were the pack a punch and perks spawn randomly.


Special Weapons:

Keeping in trend with TranZit, weapons can be built by gathering parts, In the starting area/carpark players can create a spear.

In the mystery box instead of the EMP grenade have a Boomerang that the players throw which returns OR have a boomerang on the wall instead of a bowie knife or sickle.

The wonder weapon can be built from parts as well, such as a didgeridoo as the barrel, Power Box as control and something as the trigger.

Easter Egg/Song:

The song can be a metal song with a didgeridoo in it. Main Easter Egg, players take control of another Obelisk Tower and use it to communicate with the original characters (Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo) or the American characters (Misty, Russman etc.) which eventually leads to them teleporting the original characters to the next map.

Possible Names:

The Rock, Uluru, Wild.



The Sydney Map:

The Players start somewhere underneath the bridge and work their way towards the Opera House, where they find the Power Switch. They then can take a ferry to the Pack A Punch located on an in harbour island.

Special Weapons:

Same ones on TranZit as in Assault Shield, still got a Boomerang and same Wonder Weapon as in the Uluru Map.

Easter Egg/Song:

Players get contacted by Richtofen who says to build a Lightning Rod on the Harbour Bridge and then orders them to press a switch located in the Opera House. Lightning Continuosly strikes the rod and the characters from either TranZit or Nikolai, Tank and Takeo are visible for about a minute then dissapear. The bridge breaks in half and falls into the water.

Songs: There will be 2, one activated by touching 3 rocks in the opera house which will be sort of classical, another will start playing when one of the pieces of the bridge (after it breaks) is shot by the wonder weapon.

Possible Names:

Phantom of the Opera, Opera of the Dead, The Bridge, Dead Act.



None of these will likely be made, be nice if it would due to the lack of Southern Hemisphere maps (mainly Australia).


Comment your ideas on maps youd like to see be made and where they are.