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This game is garbage not only is the multiplayer garbage but the co op has the same garbage as the multi.The guns sound fake like paintball guns they handle worse than a little boy on extacy and the game hasn't change for over 6 years im on the verge of snapping this awfull game infinity ward don't make another game.I own 50 games and love 49 of those game hate this garbage game i also trading modernCampfare 2 withing 5 days of purchasing it.NOW COME RAGE AT ME YOU COD FAN TARDS ABOUT HOW PRO YOU'RE BECAUSE YOU GOT A QUICKSCOPE FROM 3 FEET AWAY NOOBS HAHAHA WHILE I GOT A SNIPER KILL ON BF FROM OVE 500 METERS AWAY.YOU NOOBS PLAY COD BECAUSE Y&OU CANT SHOOT ANYTHING THAT IS MORE THAN 50 FEET AWAY FROM YOU LOL THIS GAME IS GARRRRRRRRRRRRBAGE.