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Activision, this is ridicules sort it out now!!


I have phoned support twice now and both times have been on the phone for over 30 mins and each time for the same problem which has still not been sorted out!!


I am premium but am not showing as premium on your system, I can not enlist in the lonewolf or events on clan ops, I also have founder as I purchased the hardened edition. I can not activate my founder either.


So far the premium and founder entitlements have not been fit for purpose and the hardened edition was not cheap but seems to be a waste of money! I purchased it specifically for the premium and founder it comes with!


The last time I phoned I went through my acc management with the rep on the phone and my premium is activated there but not on your system, I was told that by unlinking my elite and psn then relinking it would update in a few hours, this was yesterday and still nothing has changed!


This is ridiculas, I was told the first time I phoned it would be sorted out in 48hrs and someone would get back to me which they have not and the issues have not been sorted out either.


I want to take part in clan challenges but it is currently pointless as my score is not counting! So far your customer service has been a joke as I have been lied to each time I have phoned, to say I am not impressed is an understatement!


If I do not get a reply to this from someone at Activision my next phone call will be to trading standards as this is a joke!


You have my details and a record of both phone calls on your system so sort it out!