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  • 50. Re: To those that cry "Lag Comp"

    Really? Are you that ignorant? Blind perhaps? Need glasses / new prescription? Let me show you yet another video, make that two videos showing LAG COMP.... There is no excuse in the following two videos... the sights are right on the guy...



  • 51. Re: To those that cry "Lag Comp"

    Why are we even discussing whether or not it exists?


    It's there. End of story.


    I never complain about lag or latency. In MW3, when people moaned, it was largely because they were crap at the game and they needed something to blame it on. I think a large part of that happens here too. However, to deny it's existance is just ignorant.


    Take it from me - someone who never complaints about lag. It's brutal. When I get host, it's great. And mostly everyone in the lobby has a solid experience. I'm a beast, and everything that I want to do, works.  But when I don't get host, and I'm not on a 4-bar, I struggle with this game. A lot.


    It exists; don't be ignorant. It's as relevant an element in the game as is an SMG or Pick-10. It's there, and it's apart of the game.

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    You're completely wrong. I pay alot for good internet. I'm not being out played. Lag copm is **** and the people with good internet are the ones who suffer. Trust me if you had to put up with what I do. You woildn't be so calm. Look lag comp on youtube. Imagine playing for four hours and losing every gun battle the way it shows you in those videos. COD needs to get rid of lag comp. Why have lag comp if you're finding games based on ping? Stupid!

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    Maybe the Xbox is not capable of playing 12 or 18 different games on it at the same time. Without comping for latency the game would be so out of sync it would be unplayable. Everyones ping or latency is constantly changeing. People would be skipping all over the map. You can't buy a good ping time. You could have 300m down and 100m up and you still could have latency. Fact is I am almost always lagging in games so I too would like it fixed but removing lag comp would make the game unplayable. Removing parties would actually help more than anything. Parties really screw the whole system up because the people in parties could be scattered all over the country with varying latecies to the host.

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    You my friend, are as ignorant as anybody can get.

    Good day.

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    No, he is correct.  You can have the highest tier internet, but it is not going to help you ping. The packets sent in the game are small, so having "the best" internet money can but is = 3mb DSL in that aspect.


    What matters is your ping rate. That all depends on your location and the route to the server and host. Every time the host changes your ping changes.


    BTW, ALL online games have lag comp. You could not play w/o it.

  • 56. Re: To those that cry "Lag Comp"

    Dude you're making yourself sound like a naive idiot. Lag compensation exists, it's broken and if you aren't experiencing it then you're one of the cheap bastards treyarch is catering to!!!  Next time do some research before posting because you make yourself look like a moron!!!

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    Just because it works fine for you doesn't mean everyone else make things up.


    Latency problems are real, consider yourself lucky by not having any problems with it.

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    maybe he has a laggy connection.

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    Interesting that that is your experience with host.  Mine is just the opposite.


    An example?  Last night I was thrown into a first round of HC CTF on Turbine.  Thanks to a couple of nice shots on my part, the other team focusing on another of my teammates and just in general a good game for me I started out 11-0.


    And then the host backed out.  And it made me host.  I finished the game 19-12.   Not horrible, but nothing like the brginning of the game. One on one gunfights that I was winning prior to the host change were giving me no chance after the change.  I'm at a NOTICABLE disadvantage when I pull host (probably about 65% of the time.)  And it's not like I have a crap connection (30/5.)                                          

    I know, slightly off topic, just thought the differences in pulling host was odd....

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