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My Online Gaming Addiction

I have max prestiged the last couple of CoD releases and planned on reaching the master prestige level in this game as well but I realized something recently. I wake up in the morning feeling like I have to get online to keep progressing to the next prestige. If I'm not online during the day I feel like I'm not doing "my job". It has to end now! I love Black Ops 2 but I am going to stop on the prestige level I'm on and just enjoy the game. I'm going to focus on my guns now and not worry about leveling up anymore. In MW3 I never got to enjoy most of my weapons cause I spent too much time getting to prestige 20. This will allow me to enjoy the 3 other games I have that I haven't even started cause I'm too focused on prestiging. I'm still gonna play but I'm not gonna worry about reaching the top anymore. I have spent 80 days online with CoD in the past 20 months and I feel that enough is enough. I'm lucky to own a small business with my brother and I do have a lot of free time and my wife doesn't mind at all that I play but I am now just going to focus on enjoying the game. Anyone else feel like they are missing out on the fun of the game cause they are too worried about prestiging? I'm not bad talking Black Ops 2, I just want to have fun and enjoy the other aspects of the game like building up my arsenal. Good luck to those who want to continue prestiging, I'm not against it at all.

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    I know the feeling mate but luckily this crappy game has cured my addiction.

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    There is no difference between ranking up and ranking up guns, if you or the people around you feel your playing too much then YOU ARE playing too much.


    Go outside, see friends, get a woman or a job but do not let this or any other game distract you from having a life away from the tv screen.  You only have once life on this planet, don't waste it on anything especially this.

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    What is it they say about the first step is admitting you have a problem?


    Prestiging can be fun but after a year the stats and prestiges are forgotton. There's nothing wrong with playing cod or other games as long as it doesn't get in the way of real life. If you enjoy it and the people closest to you don't have a problem with it that's what counts. You could be on the corner selling crack but instead you play video games.


    You said it yourself you have your own business and have most likely had your life adventures too. So what's wrong with doing what you like, nothing.


    It's the kids that lock themselves in their bedroom losing out on life experience by searching for a false sense of achievement by reaching max prestige that just don't get that there's more to life, that need to check themselves.


    I'm on fourth prestige already with less than three days playtime and nearly a day of that is hc ffa and when you check the challenges available there's plenty to help you level up. At least this time the weapons stay the same and no doubt there'll be double xp on the way too.

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      I hear you for sure! I just hate how prestiging has become like a job to me now. It's all I can think about and I have to end the obsession somewhere. I still want to prestige but in reality the emblems mean nothing. I don't even play the other CoD games where I maxed prestiged anymore. When a video game starts to feel like a total grind then it is time to do something different. Like I said, I enjoy this game but grinding out prestige after prestige is over for me now. I know I'm gonna want to prestige again when I get to level 55 but I'm gonna try to avoid temptation lol!

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    If quitters never win, and winners never quit, what fool came up with, "Quit while you're ahead"?

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      Nice! CoD needs to change it's prestige system! They hang a carrot in front of us and we sit there forever repeating the same crap just for a stupid emblem. What they need to do is add challenges, game modes, guns, camos and other cool stuff to keep the game fun instead of having us chase meaninless emblems. Think about it, what if they made it to where reaching max "prestige" only took 1-2 days of game time but gave us cool stuff every month like a limited time only game mode that changes every month to mix up the game. How about a different weekly or monthly challenge that ties in to the new game mode every month and if you reach it then you get a special gun and camo? I'm so sick of prestiging now that it's taking the fun out of the game. I would rather max prestige in one month and the rest of the time chase new challenges every month to unlock new stuff, not prestige and unlock something 10 times. CoD needs to keep us engaged and add new fun things every month. How about a challenge where you unlock some retro maps? Don't make it impossible to reach, just a challenge that takes 12 hours of game time to unlock and you are rewarded with a cool retro map or even a new map. I love this game but the same old prestige system has got to be updated. I would rather play for new items and challenges rather then prestige and chase the same old ones all the time. 12 hours of gameplay a month to unlock new stuff seems pretty reasonable to me.

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    Funny thing is I hit master prestige about a month later and now play about 10 matches a week! Addiction cured but the game is fun in moderation.

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    @Cowboy GAMBLERS!

    @OP The only way to play this game is play for enjoyment.