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Are Knifes OP in Call of Duty? Do you like the system they have?

Alright so I have played Call of duty games since the first one. And the system they have for knifing is sorta OP if you ask me. So noob friendly. I personally enjoy the system that BF3 has but thats just my opinion. But as a COD player I have learned to live with the scrubs that run around and knife and panic knife.


So what do you guys think about the knife in COD? Is it OP? Do you think they should change the mechanics of it, and if they did would it effect the gameplay in a positive way?


Heres alittle video clip on Hardhat in an All or Nothing match that shows the immense power the knife truly holds. haha




Has anything like this ever happened to you guys? Was pretty funny when it happened to me.