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    I downloaded dlc 1 and 4 and I can no longer play hq pro unless I disable the dlc on the ps3.  I submitted a support case online several days ago.  No answer

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    I don't know if there is an issue with this DLC, but unfortunately you have made yourself a subset of all the players by purchasing 1 & 4 to play on a low population playlist. As far as I know you can then only be matched to players with 1 & 4 who want to play HQ Pro. Have you tried TDM just to see if you get a match?

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    I can't speak for nwagtmustang, or in regards to HQ Pro....but yes, TDM does return some matches for me, but there's VERY few (usually says "4 matches found" or so).


    And I bet you're right! But unfortunately there's NO WAY I'm buying the other DLC packs just to see if it corrects the issue unless Activision/Infinity Ward confirms this is indeed the case and it's not actually a problem on their end.

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    I understand not being able to fing a match of hq pro with the new maps if there are not enought people have the dlc.  However it should still find matches with the original maps.  It does not.  I have to disable it to find matches with the original maps.  Why?  I can play team deathmatch with dlc enabled.  Im not upset that I cant play hq pro with the new maps.  I am upset with the fact the dlc enabled it wont find ANY hq pro games.  Turn dlc off and bingo I find a game right away.  I should not have to enable and disable dlc.  It should always be enabled and whatever match shows up shows up.

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    So where is Activision?  Are you guys reading this?  Any response?  Atleast acknowledge there is a problem and you are working on it.  I already contacted the BBB and will be fighting the charge on my credit card.  I understand there are or could be bugs due to mulitple reasons.  Whats upsetting is Activision ignores us their customer.  I put in a support case days ago and no response.  So where are you Activision?

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    I'm afraid that's not how it works you can't be matched to players who don't have DLC 1 & 4 This is done to insure continuity in the lobby for the next map choices.


    There are effectively 16 combinations of DLC I believe 1 & 4 would be one of the rarer combinations.


    The best thing Activision could do here is put these packs on sale sooner rather than later.


    One thing for sure is that everyone who has Elite Premium can only run their DLC with it all installed and enabled or all disabled and nothing inbetween (with the exception of Terminal which is now a pseudo original map).

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    So if I have dlc 1 and 4 enabled.  Lets say there are 100 matches of hq pro with only original maps.  The server should find those matches.  For instance with dlc enabled it shows 2 maps to vote on however it wont find any games.  One of them is the original map and one is the new map.  I have call of duty world at war with all 4 dlc.  The last time I played, it und whatever type of match I wanted with and without the dlc.  So I was able to play with the original maps even though I had all the dlc.     So if I want to play hq pro I thought the server searches for all matches available and selects a match it finds.  The server looks for whatever game is available and puts you in that match. Why does it matter if dlc is enabled.  If there are no game available with dlc it should still find games with the original maps.

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    The oldest Call of Duty titles handle the DLC matchmaking in a different way. In all the recent ones down to at least MW2 you will not be matched into those 100 original maps games without disabling your DLC. This is to avoid players being dropped from the lobby who don't have the next map.


    If there are no games available it usually suggests disabling the DLC.

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    If that is true it is a pita to enable dlc to play certain matches, then disable dlc to play certain matches such as hq pro and then enable dlc again for other matches.  I have talked to Sony thru email and they are going to refund my money.

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    Hello. Whats now going on with this problem with the DLC4? I have the same problem... i'm from germany. I have DLC1 & DLC4. With DLC4 installed i found no games, specially in search and destroy. I have a chat session with Microsoft support after this i have a phone call with activison, after all... same problems!