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FHJ-AA gold

so when is this camo going to be not impossible to get?

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    I'm literally 2 player controlled scoresteaks away from getting it. It's beyond insanely hard to force most of these challenge conditionst to occur. It takes, like, 7 or 8 stinger missles alone just to kill an AGR for the one challenge and you'll probably die multiple times just attempting to do it. Also, you only get the player controlled scorestreaks challenge done, seemingly, when someone gets one of the very few scrorestreaks in a care package. Perhaps buff how frequently items like the dragonfire can occur on a drop or reroll? Otherwise, i feel your pain. It's probably top 3 hardest to get done in the game

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      The game is a month old and I nearly have it already.


      I destroyed an AGR with 2 shots from a Stinger straight after prestiging, but it was the default class one before I opened my custom classes so it never counted. I also need about 4 more Dragons.


      I don't think it's "that" hard or bad. Leave it be or everyone and their Mum will have it Gold.

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      i died about 13 times trying to kill it and put 10 shots into it, while my team was shotting it.... and then when i forgot about my AGR it took a clip of AN-94 to kill it... and that was a freshly spawned one.... SERIOUSLY TREYARCH!!!

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    It's not impossible to get, just time consuming - took me two prestiges but finally did it, worst one was player controlled killstreaks, as not many players run them so I had to rely on people getting them in CP's

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      The best way to get Ronin is to kill dragon fires, theoretically you could take down sentry guns but almost no one controls them. Instead of waiting for lodestars and trying to kill agr's <most of which are fire and forget> go for the dragonfires

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    My launchers are all diamond. It's not hard to get to tell you the truth.

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    I just completed the challenge after 2 weeks working on it. I tried every game mode and lots of class setups, heres what worked for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfyTKJPNqUM  it shows my class setup, game mode, and what it took. good luck

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    The AGR is impossible

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      i have not look at the link video above. but i have all diamond and i killed like 8 or 9 agr's to get it.


      only thing that was different between all agr kills was that when i got it i can say for sure i was the only person to damage it as it was underground on hijacked and i was the only player down. 2 direct hits and boom. took me ages to get it


      think all the damage has to be by you

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    The challenge I'm struggling with is taking down 10 player controlled scorestreaks just to get to Gold camo.


    The opposition I play against barely get player controlled scorestreaks

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      yep thats a pain aswell.


      for instance agr, sentrygun ect left to there own dont count. seems the player has to be controlling it. dom was a good mode for scorestreak whores though, kids always camping flags and running higher streaks.

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        I doubt I'll ever get a gold launcher. I only play hardcore and I've only ever seen two ARGs in game and a handful of Dragon Fires. Just not enough targets to take down!

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    Upon like the second day of release I was close to Gold with it but as everyone elses problems, the scorestreaks/AGR evaded me, so i've gave up and barely use it anymore but I still have a class for it just incase I get that chance.


    Though I am doing my part I guess trying to help people get it, running the AGR helps/and helps people get the camos, if they can destroy me.

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    I joined against my friends during Nuketown 24/7. They get Lodestars and crap, so I shot a few down to finally get Diamond launchers.