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Does Call Of Duty need to be put to rest?


from what use to be a really good game now seems to be a really boring and pointless game. i really do think activison made more of black ops 2 than treyarch did because this game looks like mw3 all over again with the setting and lags. everyone was saying hackers on ps3 were already gettting through i honstley think call of duty needs to be put to rest because all of the call of duty games went to **** because every new game that comes out they let the serves and all get hacked and modded to a point no one wants to play anymore. activision really just wants sales to go up and have itself more involved in all the games that do end up successful. i mean stop with the ego already and make the fans happy so much hype just for everyone to buy it and it was not even finished or it was just like the last one they made. the only reason i even play black ops 2 is because of nukeotwn zombies thats the only good map i play. tranzit was overdone and multiplayer maps are nothing but small and major camping hotspots for players who want to hide to win. if activsion would just care for the whole franchise instead of one single new game that they make everyone two years maybe call of duty would still be good but if they continue to keep up this crap i ain't even going to buy the next one and surley enough everyone is going to stop playing it because if you look at it without the mods and hacks and poor serves on all the past call of duty games everyone would all still be playing them and they would make their sales but they want you to buy something you got to bust your ass for money to afford and lay off their sub game publishers just to make themselves look good. hopefully soon enough call of duty will be either made better or put to rest like it should because its suffering from not game publishers but a game publishers wanting all the credit and money because i know treyarch looking at world at war and black ops one that they really did make but i don't even have the idea they would make a game so shitty as black ops 2 and because treyarch is runned by activision i won't be suprised if they blame treyarch for making this game horrible and lay them off like they blame all they co-publishing brands and lay them off when really they really need to know its all them. i don't know about anyone else but i think this gamr brand needs to get itself together or just stop with this because right now my little brother is throwing my controller and himself on the couch because of how bad this game is.