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If you are going to do Skill Based matching...

If you are going to do Skill Based matchmaking, put people on a server with balanced teams.  I don't care how you do it.  I don't care if in the middle of the game, someone on the opposing team quits and I am forced to switch teams to balance the teams.  I don't care if it takes me 5 minutes to find a balanced server. Just balance the damn teams.


If you are going to take the time to number crunch player data and attempt to do skill based matching, the least you can do is balance the teams.   I don't have hard numbers, I just know that for hours on end (while constantly looking for a game type that ends up being balanced), I will be put in servers where one team absolutely destroys the other team.  Two or three people dominate the server from one side of the team.  If you are on their team or you are one of those people, the game is a cake walk.  If you aren't on that team, you are destroyed.  Very few of my games ended up being anything resembling competitive. 


Quite frankly, it feels to me as if the computer has deteremined beforehand which team is going to win and which team is going to lose.  The goal seems to be that about half the time, a player should lose a game.  Half the time, the player wins.  All determined beforehand by a computer.  That's not balance, nor is it fun.


Also, by the way, throwing me into a game in which the team I am put on is going to immediately lose no matter what I do is just unacceptable.  If I am getting destroyed and my team quits towards the end, you know what, I still get destroyed.  I don't care if I have more new people added to the server being put on my team, the result is the same.  Don't add them to my devestating losses.  Don't add me to other peoples devestating losses.


In fact, balance the teams and people won't quit the games anywhere near as much.  You'll solve two problems at once.


For four games in a row, I have been put on a server in which my team is going to lose within 30 seconds.  The last game, I quite literally spawned to being the last kill of the game.  There was an escort drone right above me, I looked up and flared it.  Then got shot.  To my surprise, I'm on the final kill cam.  That game lasted about 10-15 seconds. Now, granted, that could easily be a stastical anomaly.  I am after all, one of a few million players.  I don't think it's an anomaly.  I think Black Ops 2's mactchmaking sucks.  In fact, I would go so far to say that it sucks more than if I were put on a randoms server with random people.  At least then the damn computer isn't doing it's damnest to screw me over.


You guys have made a great game.  I love playing it.  I just absolutely hate how your matchmaking works.  It's broken in every way.  If you fixed the matchmaking, I would consider this game to be one of the most fun FPS's I've ever played.  I'd put it up there with my old favorite Unreal Tournament and my new fav (the PC version of) Team Fortress 2.


Please, I beg you, fix your matchmaking.  It doesn't work in it's intended way a clear majority of the time. 

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    I'm going to have to agree. Usually I'll pull 33% of the weight in the games I play (25 kills) in TDM. I've had a handful of 30+kills & I even hit 50 once (we almost lost too... wtf..?)


    If this supposed "skill-based" matchmaking is putting me up against other skilled players, shouldn't I be getting less kills?? Should the other team be able to put up a fight? Not only that, but, there are numerous times where, my team just blows & the other team is absolutely dominating- kind of like you're experiencing. Again, the question arises. If the people are supposed to be of equal skill, why the hell are my team-mates going 1-14 or 3-20? There is very little sense being made with this "skill-based" matchmaking. The only thing I know for sure that it does is, ignore my location/ping to host & frequently puts me in games with what feels like a host from Taiwan or France... That should never happen, ever.

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    I don't believe their are dedicated servers, someone 's Xbox is the server for your games.

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    I understand your frustration, but did you take into account people playing together causing this?  For example, the matchmaking goes by the party leader looking for the game.  So, if 4-5 strong players have a buddy with lower overall stats and allow him to be the party leader, it will search for players on his level.  Then of course all of those players get put on the same team because they are playing together. 


    My biggest gripe is being thrown into games that are almost finished.  Nothing I can do to change it as the outcome has already been decided.  If I leave, I get a loss, if I stay, I get a loss.  A loss I didn't earn by any means.

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      You know, everything that you mentioned can be corrected for in the Skill based Matchmaking.  They have records on everything.  Every bullet, item, game ending, personal stats, who you play with, how much you and your friends destroy the enemy team, how much you and your friends are destroyed by the enemy team, EVERTHING. 


      Someone uses the system to their advantage, well good for them.  I wish I could do that.  That's Treyarch's fault for having a system in place that's being abused.  It's not my fault for not taking it into account. 

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    I feel the same way. The Matchmaking is broken and clans are abusing the system to play against low level players by making a low level player the party leader.


    This is not skill based, its unbalanced and not fair.


    I am a solo player and i always play with random people who rage quit on my team versus clans, why is this? i am a casual player and why do i have to play versus MLG clans all the time? and the worst part is my random team mates are leaving mid game and its mostly end with me alone vs a clan, its so unbalanced.

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    I don't think its possible to match players by skill. Stats and numbers don't really show the whole picture. A player who camps and defends that goes 25 and 5 isn't the same as a run and gunner who offends and goes 25 and 5. A player with 75% accuracy with a dsr isn't the same as a player that has 75% accuracy with a type 25. There is just too many variables to make it happen.