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Worst Call of duty ever! Cant wait for the next one it will be even worse!

To me it feel like call of duty is going backwards a step each time instead of forward.

The best call of duties in my opinion are call of duty 4 before all the hackers ruined it and Black ops.


Every new pointer you take in from people who cry about the game makes it worse for a start.


The game play gets worse everytime.


Class customisation is horrid. why not merge ghost/blind eye/cold blooded together to make 1 perk. Get rid of wildcards. Take away the limit of 10 items and have normal classes like every other call of duty which is primary/secondary/perk1/perk2/perk3/lethal and tactical.


Then you bring a new update out increasing the amount of points to get a killstreak which is rather stupid to be honest unless you see alot of people walking round on search and destroy 8-0 just to get a uav. Instead why not just use killstreaks not scorestreaks...


Weapons seem okay but the recoil on the weapons blows.


You have no imagination with the maps you make they are all boring and the same. Then you just get maps from older games and stick those in to the game.


You also make League play with only core game modes.. Hardcore anywhere?


On the barracks you have spread everything out so if i want to look at my stats in sticks and stones i have to wait for it to scroll over to click on it instead you could just stick all the leaderboards together and just press right bumper and left bumper to scroll through them all quickly and easily. Same with combat record stick them all together and use bumpers to scroll through them all.

You have placed Probation into the game which is totally stupid and unnecessary.

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    tbh old class customization gave you more than this game.

    about 4 or 5 more.


    if they added pro perks back it be better, and take out a bunch of useless perks that don't do ****.

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      Honestly I love the Wildcard Idea and the Scorestreaks so that people can find ways to play the objective and not camp kill thee objectives with a bunch of defend kills.


      I do agree about the UAV increase being stupid but than again my guess is because its far to easy to get and its almost like a constant downgraded version of an Orbital Vsat (blackbird) but just with delayed Red dots on the mini map.  So my guess is to balance the game for those who claimed that its over used. 


      I do agree with the recoil blowing but that depends on what gun your talking about.  and as for COD 4, yea nothing is gonna beat that game hahhahahhaah  I like black ops 2 allot its really different in terms on game contents and options as well as Multiplayer however, I just seem to have more success with Black ops 1 man.  I really miss that game being the way it was.  LAG comp stinks and I truly thing if Treyarch wants to stand out than they should invest to getting Dedicated servers.  This is why i Play BF3 much more now when originally I hated that game.  I begin playing that game because the guns on this game are OP mainly Shotguns and Scorpion.   Anyway dude I agree with you except for the wildcard thing and scorestreaks.  that to me is treyarch having an open mind

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    I have liked every CoD to date. I can see past the flaws in each one, and tend to understand why they did what they did (with the exception of the lack of support and nerfs to some OP perk combinations in MW2) but I can say without a doubt that this is the worst CoD to date. What's even worse is I think it has the potential to be the best. Change ghost, make footsteps audible, release some decent maps, eliminate lag...it'd be a fantastic game.

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    The 10 point class system was a great idea I thougtht..... the gameplay however is a different story, especially with them completly taking out free for all from HC