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    Oh I'm not shutting anyone out. From a prince to a pauper, cod has all walks of life. It's only natural people come to these forums to rant and after a while you see the politics too. It's not just the first time posters that need to check themselves, hell I made the mistake of posting under the influence of alchohol only last night.


    A page or two ago I made a post with valid points about keeping everyone happy. HC FFA isn't even my favourite game mode I just happen to be playing it because in all honesty core is broken.

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    And to anyone who just doesn't understand. . . Put it this way.  . . This is a game I OWN. Say it was movie that I was obsessed with like HCFFA, so I BUY the movie, watch it a bunch and have favorite parts. The next night I put the movie I OWN an love in and only watch it and all of the sudden the movie is different. All the parts and things I loved about that movie are gone. Well now do I like that movie anymore? No. Is it the same movie I love? No it's Different . . . Why own the movie anymore?  Why watch it? Same concept.

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    Correct. You own the physical disc and its campaign content. However you do not own the online content which clearly states can be changed at anytime without notice.

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    Thanks Vahn for cutting FFA and adding KC.

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    Came here and cleaned the thread up. Yes, I just removed six pages of content.


    What did I remove?
    • Toxicity (Example: I'm mad, I'm going to TK everyone.)
    • Trolling
    • Petty arguments over petty issues. (Grammar, spelling and diction.)


    Things that I am noticing that should not happen.
    • Faulting or insinuating that it's a user's fault for being upset that something they enjoyed was removed because they were not active on the forum. (Remnants of arguments made by MHCGM two years ago.) - (I didn't like that stance then. I certainly don't like it now.)
    • Brazen toxicity, which I listed above, as a response to the changes.
    • Using numbers to shut down someone's argument. (You can say that proof is in the pudding, but the argument of playlists is much more complex. Especially when you argue game types in general.)


    Everyone should keep calm and stay constructive. Feedback is a two-way street. Keep that in mind.

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    Foxhound-Pro wrote:



    • Faulting or insinuating that it's a user's fault for being upset that something they enjoyed was removed because they were not active on the forum. (Remnants of arguments made by MHCGM two years ago.) - (I didn't like that stance then. I certainly don't like it now.)


    Just so everyones clear here, I did ask treyarch and posted my suggestion on here (as i knew this would happen) to actually put an announcement on the message of the day that way everyone would see it. I also made a point of trying to get the message out and posted on as many cod news sites as possible.


    We did lean our lesson from the flags and bombs debacle

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    Exactly!  I used a very similar argument when I spent an hour on the phone with these clowns--but they seem to think that because they force us to agree to it, that we have to like it and THEY get to keep our money that they didn't deserve!  If anybody ever deserved to get their jobs outsourced, it's the jerks at the call center--they don't understand customer service, they don't realize that it is their responsibility to make restitution for this bait and switch! 


    Maybe HC FFA was a small list of people and maybe I also played other modes, when my friends were on, but HC FFA served a segment of the community that IS NOT being served by ANY OTHER MODES!  If you like TDM, KC is just as good or vice versa--they SHOULD have made a TDM/KC playlist and LEFT HC FFA ALONE!  There WERE only 2 playlists for lone wolf players, now there is one!  HC FFA may not be popular with these young kids, because they're too used to having training wheels in every aspect of their life--but for older players that grew up playing FPS's, HC FFA scratched that itch for the purest form of Classic Deathmatch action, with a CoD flavor!  No matter how many Objective modes I play with friends, inevitably I need to take a break and cleanse the palate with HC FFA, where I KNOW that the only thing that matters is MY skill!


    I like playing by myself, without listening to people talk and I like playing HC because it rewards my reaction time--the playing field is level, one gun kills as good as the next and because you can watch where people are camping, it isn't an issue and it forces people to move around.  Small maps like Hijcked are much improved with the respawn timer, because it gives a little breathing room.


    I don't like obnoxious Core players and while I would like a few HUD items, like being able to see who is talking, how much ammo I have, I was VERY happy with HC FFA.  I'm now VERY unhappy with this game and I'm really thinking I'd like to take GameStop up on their buy back offer I received today--because your CSR's DID NOTHING to sway me, in fact their lack of concern over losing my business pushed me away further.  Unless HC FFA is back in the next few days, I will be DONE with Treyarch AND Activision games--you may have some BS excuse for WHY you can't add more HC playlists, but you FAIL as a company because you should NEVER remove content but ADD MORE!  If ANYBODY reading this wants to make up for the poor treatment I received, I might stay with some bribing but you people obviously don't care about me or people like me as customers and seeing as how I can't get my money back I might as well try to get what little I can from GameStop before this game becomes worthless in addition to being useless after this last update!


    (Also, this Nuketown thing was a major debacle--I got the game on launch day and only realized a few days ago that I had a code for it--but SHAME on you for not being more specific that Nuketown Zombies was not included with it!  Very Very sloppy, I hate dealing with all these stupid codes and pre-order crap--just sell EVERYONE the same thing, nobody is special--if you wanna pack a bunch of random tchotchkes or toys with a collectors edition box or something that's fine, but I hate this class system you've created and with as much as you make on these games, there is still plenty of room for resellers to make a profit on second hand sales too!)

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    Yes I agree, it's apparent neither treyarch nor the other non hc FFA players even care about us HCFFA players who only play that mode. They just say play tdm or something they don't understand. . . This game is useless to me now and I am not buying another treyarch or activision related anything. I will think about it if HCFFA comes back but still they blatantly don't care about us select few. .

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    i really dont care about HCFFA but i cant believe they would take away a gamemode to put in another instead of adding an extra.

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    Getting rid of Hardcore Free For All was a terrible decision.  It was the only game mode that required any skill.  It was the least played game mode because it required the most skill.  This shows Treyarch is only about the bottom line and has no interest in creating something they could be proud of.


    Well, I might as well finish my season of Madden.

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