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[Game Mode] Search and Confirm


This gamemode idea just kind of sprung out of a discussion with a few friends... figured i'd throw it out here.


I'll keep this short:


The idea is that it would be similar to Search and Destroy. However, there are NO bomb sites. On top of that, once you kill an enemy, they drop a dog tag. If you pick up that enemy's dog tag, then they stay dead. However, if one of his team mates picks it up they get revived.


Very simple idea... I couldn't find any similar ideas in 'General Discussion'. If there's a similar thread to this, I apologize in advance.

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    Sounds boring and slow

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    At first I was like eh... no.. but after reading through agian slowly to grasp the idea better. it sounds like could be fun for some people.


    the whole idea that if you grab the tag they stay dead, would make it more important for teamates to grab the tag instead to make sure your teammates would come back to help.


    The team that was better at confirming tags would win in the end. the single bomb site feels like sabo, which would work well too. You have to fight over tags and the one bomb site, making most everyone move near that location.


    I think the win condition though should be the bomb has to be planted and detonated and not just the other team killed completely. So tired of snd where all they do is go for the kills and do not even attempt to plant at times.