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    Synr82 wrote:


    I do enjoy the "adults" that complain about this and their kids seeing the emblems. While I understand this logic, please tell me why you are playing a Mature game in front of your kids that is about killing other people? I get that it is virtual, however maybe you should reconsider your parenting.


    While some emblems are childish, some are still funny and if you dont like just dont look. Hell, dont even play the game. Its easy to stop. Report if you must. Press the power button. You are in a soceity that puts on TV "Teen Mom" and other nonsense that is much more harmful than this game. People need to learn to chill out. IF you dont like the emblem report and be done with it. You people crack me up some times.

    What the game content is, is player models killing other players models. Not going out and murdering people but winning against the enemy.


    The game designers have to rate the game based on the content if it is offensive then the rating must state it. They are perfectly allowed by law to make a game the way they want . Artistic Freedom.


    This game itself has no penises running around killing other penises. If it did then I am sure the parent would not play the game in front of the child.


    The child has a perfect right as well as the parent not to let "perverts into their home". As for seeing people in a war, they see that all day long. And they learn who the enemy is and who the heroes are. Thats a normal part of growing up. Seeing a penis on the TV is something else.

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    Stop crying puss! Who cares I hate this type of post that complain aout stupid shi@! Who cares about an idiot who has a sex emblem, is funny. Mor eimportant is LAG problem game has. I can bolive how adults get offended by this america is getting so puss. My gad what abot nazis emeblems jewish embles, racist emblems??? Is more importants problems!

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    9/11 was a joke

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    The fact that parents complain and blame games for their content when their child acts up is the issue (Music also comes into play.) While I agree yes the game doesnt have penis's running around and all that, oh well, 3arc added an emblem editor. Stupid stuff will happen. Again I stress this is a mature rating. No teen/children under the age of 17 should be on it or view it. Now we all know there are childer on it however that is the risk that is taken by the parent.


    The answer again is quite simple. DONT PLAY THE GAME and no penis's or killing or what have you will make you feel sad inside and no perverts will be "allowed into their home."


    In the end, what they see in this game is what they see all over online and in the real world. People just need to lighten up and if it bothers them, report or turn the **** off. You will not be able to stop the stupidity wether in the emblem editor, naming convent or over the mic.

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    Über rude or racist = report n giggles.


    my Xbox, my home, my rules.....way it is. Lol.

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    Well in a way you got a point.


    They are playing a game where you blow people's heads off and then they get offended by the sex symbols and such. Hm.

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    People are just Hypocrites...... nothing new.

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    its not mature at all...they are created by morons who are too thick to be creative...most of them couldnt spell their own name...

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    the game is an 18+? i really don't see why you shouldn't be able to?

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    furrymatt wrote:


    9/11 was a joke

    im sorry...what?

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