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Wasteland Map.

Going back in time about 3 years to the time of modern warfare 2... There was a rather large, open map which, unfortunately, I'm not sure of the actual name, but I believe it was called wasteland which I think should be recreated for black ops 2 as a multiplayer map. I feel that this map should be recreated to house the opportunity for snipers to have a good, large sniping game. Black ops 2, although having large maps such as overflow and aftermath don't really present an open enough battlefield for snipers to get the chance t use the full potential of their sniper rifles. If not a recreation of this large open battlefield then a large zone where there are long stretches of fields or parks which allow snipers the chance to snipe without the high risk of enemies running into their buildings brandishing shotguns ready to fire...


It's not a major issue due to the equipment available such as shock charges or claymores but I would like to see something along these lines so that the sniper category in create a class actually has a purpose in the game instead of players spraying with the SVC.


Also, as random as this idea may sound, I think there should be specific playlists for different weapon classes, such as a shotgun playlist where players can only use shotguns and play on maps such as hijacked or raid, then a sniper playlist where players only use snipers on maps such as overflow and aftermath etc etc...


What you guys and girls think?

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    Wasteland is an IW map. IW maps will not be seen in 3arc games. So no it should not be in this game, for this game is not an IW game.

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    New game new maps

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    Really !!!!! why dont snipers just run around the small maps hip firing semi automatic sniper rifles, then quick changing to handguns... Oohh wait they do !!! you want to ruin it further ? buy the game sniper elite by trading in your BO's 2...

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      I argue the case that a more open map would make it worse... With an open map you can at least see these people coming... And from your comment it sounds like your a shotgunner seeing as your anti-open map...


      Also I've said I hate those type of people too so why would I back those up, if I liked them I would say deffo more smaller maps...

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    I don't agree that they should use the wasteland map because 3arch would ruin it like everything else But i do agree with you a large open map smiliar to wasteland would be amazing

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    Remake Seelow and a bunch of other WaW sniper maps and I will give the entire development team sexual favours.

    Wasteland itself was already a remake and as obviously stated above the interlectual property of Infinity Ward, I doubt there is any chance the two development studios would share the maps with each other due to the competition they have going on who can make the better game.

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      Yes! Seelow or airfield maps would be amazing from WaW, and yes wasteland was a remake but I was using it as an example as well, I know it was a different development team but it doesn't stop treyarch creating a map with similar attributes such as a large area with trenches and buildings... If they did make a map of this structure then they would make more money then they spend designing it... Even with it being part of a map pack. As for settings, It could even be set in an LA park or something where there are small underground walkways but also a massive top field with trees and shrubs snipers can use for cover.


      Just an example, I'm sure there are many ways they could achieve this... Maybe rooftop to roof top warfare with ziplines and walkways across to each one, that could be a good location for a map... Just throwing it out there...