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Worst CoD ever?

Every year I purchase the CoD game, preorder, wait in line, etc. Every year I play the new CoD game for at least 6-8 months straight usually making it to presitge 8-12ish and love the franchise.  This years version seems to be the worst for me and many of my friends though.  The lag comp in the game is pretty obvious.  I start shooting at someone with their back to me and they seem to turn around and shoot me once and I am dead. When watching the replay their camera is completely different though. Also the spawns seem to be the worst out of any of the previous (8) CoD games I have played.  Continually I am respawning in front of an opposing player.  The game is extremely frustrating at times and that is not because of the opposition being better than I am, because I can accept that, but because the game seems to be unfair in each game, sometimes for my team and other against. I really miss CoD 4 and Word at War. 

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    Didn't like CoD3 at all. CoD4 singleplayer sucked, multiplayer was alright thou and that saved a lot. I didn't like World at War AT ALL. MW2 had it's online problems, even when I liked the campaign, but yeah online was great when it worked, but sucked when people were being cheap. BO1 had great online, with few problems and good enough singleplayer. MW3 singleplayer was... bland and MP was ok with problems.


    BO2 has best CoD Campaign to date. It's awesome.

    And MP? They actualy made a lot of changes I really wanted to see. And I really like the pick 10 system. Some gun balances are bit off, but I'm sure they will fix that in time. Connections SUCK at times and at times they are good. Still it's a problem. And Spawns are worst in the series.


    But still, this isn't the worst by far. If they would fix the spawns, so people wouldn't spawn few feets away from you after they have been killed by you, I'd say that this CoD has been the best I've played so far.

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      I should have clarified on my post I did not mean to disrespect the single player or the xombie mode.  My post was strictly aimed at the multiplayer aspect of the game.

      They did make a lot of great changes, but I almost feel as though they may have concentrated more on the details about choosing your class (which are fantastic) that details of the maps.  Why is there a barrel around every corner for people to camp?

      The single player is awesome and the zombies (easter egg lacks) is geat fun.

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    Well in line up of CODs. This one is pretty uneventful. I will give it a few more months to see if anything improves for the better (MW3 comes to mind on this.) However the days of great game play like COD4 are far behind us and seem to be getting farther. I personally can say that my group of buds and people I know have not embraced this COD at all (actually 20 people I know have returned it.) As for overall, not sure how accurate players on-line is, numbers are low. Weekdays see about 300K - 450K max at any given time and weekends see maybe 400K - 500K. If I recall the numbers before, at least MW3/BO1, week was 500K - 800K and weekend was 1.5M - 2.5M. Again, not sure how accrate but the numbers are weak on the playability. I have 2 days into the game and pretty much done. Same goes for others I know.


    But we shall see, I personally like the idea behind the attachments and guns but overall this didnt come close to the hype. I would still give it some time to see what is updated.

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      Sounds right, We usually play headquarters and on a normal day there are usually only about 4k playing the game.  Tonight there were only about 5k playing that game mode. Kinda sucks running into the same people in every few games instead of many different. I understand it is not the most popular game mode, but still.

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        I just think overall people are tired of the same old COD. They really havent made anything special over the years that would spark a rage really. I mean I think the last COD that I really enjoyed was MW2. We played the hell out of that game (I still play a few times a week to date.) BO1 I really didnt care for, running around all day and just mopping up anyone with scorps was goofy. MW3 started off really rough but got better after updates. Gameplay on MP was better that BO but not MW2. This game has a solid concept but horrid on gameplay. Either you run your ass off or you sit in an area and hold.


        There is just nothing that has a spark anymore as the next big game, just the same game over and over with a different name it seems. Hopefully they realize this and try to find that next big thing to gameplay.


        Sadly this one isnt it as this time.

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        What's the solution?

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          Start by removing all of the barrels, boxes and barriers that protect every corner of the game, next fix the spawns. It seems that there is always one team spawning right next to an objective and one that is spawing on the complete opposite side of the map. Finally core or hardcore - 1 headshot should kill someone. It should not take 3 hits to the head to kill someone in core. I would play hardcore, but there is not a hardcore headquaters.


          I think this is a good start.

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      I just wanted to add things that should be fixed    


      tracers-you shoot one time and everyone knows where you are by watching a line come from your gun. How unrealistic!


      obstacles-trying to move around a map is horrible when every little rock or beer can makes your player stop.


      spawns-like mentioned before giving a few seconds of life would be an easy fix