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  • 10. Re: Black Ops2 Made a Mistake with the R870

    Not a problem if you want to see game play I will most definatly do so and also show the i.d.  Im not quite sure why you must see this so bad.  Ima play a good 10 - 15 games so that you can't just say i had good luck.  U will see me use the gun and and than some footage of someone else using it.


    The problem will your massive msg is the fact that you mention details that the game does not own up to during the POST PATCH.  The bottom line is the gun was nerfed by the developers for a reason.  Your and my opinion doesn't matter as much but from what I know its a cheap gun.   Now about 3.0 KDR i simple stated thats the KD for the gun.  My overall ratio is 1.92 which is not a 1.94 from a game i played an hour ago.  The shotgun let alone is the gun that boosted my KDR when i really truly was at 1.55ish so my point about the gun is cheap dude and needs a 2 shot kill at medium range period.


    Everyone hated the famas in Black Ops 1 and even after the patch, Most MLG players still uses it hahhahahahah its a great gun but guess what, a shotgun player using a spas can win and guess what..... the spas is a well put shotgun.  People get kills way to easy with the R870 dude thats all im saying.  allow a day or 2 for the video since your begging my balls to see it.

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    all i need is psn/gamer tag, it shows all. you are the one that made all these claims. they are easy to back up. shows the kdr overall and per gun, shows classes and camo on those guns. easy. i guess you can just give me any random one tho so even then i prob wont beleive you xD

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    Dude OMG man im so done right now I honestly dont't need to prove anything at all if your not going to believe me.Im not going to give you my gamer tag simply because I don't want Spam Msg from people reading this post and i hope you can understand that..  than again i see how this places me to a point where i can pick any random one.  But what I'll do if you still need proof is gameplay.  Plz let me know if im waisting my time cause quite frankly im done honestly

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    i dont care for game play. just all you claims are far fetched imo. my psn is my name here and everywhere else on other forums, i never get spam. i get hate mail in game but thats it xD

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    3.0 far fetched?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA   dude its a freaking shotgun.  My overall combat record KD is 1.92.  my dam Black Ops 1 K.D is freakin 2.53 KD with a WL of freaking 3.10 dude..  I played with an Old clan called AOA - army of assassins....


    Sure we spawn trapped and played Firing range Demo on express blah blah the usual try hard stuff blah blah..  Dude seriously its not far fetch.  maybe for an assualt gun but not shotgun.



    I'll tell you what I have a hand recorded Black Ops 1 footage on my cell back in the day.  the recording is pretty old but it will give you an idea to what i play like hahahahah  hope this holds out until the Bops 2 footages..  Let me upload it to youtube and simple put the link here.  give me an hour tops

  • 15. Re: Black Ops2 Made a Mistake with the R870

    Make that 2 hours cause now the Laptop is being used by family members

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    All we really need is your gamer tag.  We can see all of your stats on elite.


    Also I would love to see some gameplay were you use the 870.  And you were going yo post that video of you getting "unfairly killed" by that guy with the 870.  Please post those for us, we would love to see them.

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    Have you tried the other shotguns? The Saiga-12 is actually very good, basically the Striker from MW3 but reloads much quicker. The KSG-12 has absurd range, but you either kill them or miss completely. The 4-round auto one is really good too.


    The 870MCS isn't nearly as "overpowered" as the thread creator seems to believe, but I do think it's a bit too good. I imagine in the next patch we could very well see continued slight nerf to it which I'd be open to. I think its pump action is a little bit too quick. Honestly the biggest problem is Dexterity. I think that should really be removed and the faster hurdling just made to be part of Extreme Conditioning.

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    Um, longest range for shotguns is the KSG, that gun needs a huge nerf. Should not be able to snipe from across the entire map and drop someone in 1 shot with a shotgun.

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    Ksg only has 15 meters of one shot kill to the body with the longbarrel.  That is very standard for cod pump shotguns.  You can only kill longer if it is a head shot.  But that is not easy to do so the ksg is pretty well balanced.

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