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League Play


First of all let me start by saying a thank you to Activision/ The Call Of Duty team for helping me get back active on the forum! *Sarcasm* after not posting for a while, due to enjoying BO1 and not even playing MW3 due to its poor outcome, it seems my original account was bared from replying to anything on the forum! Forcing me create a new email and forum account just to post. What a hassle just to get back on the forum!!! First rant over.



Being a COD player since the very beginning, being in a few clans along the way, starting on PC and moving to xbox I was extremely looking forward to the League play feature bringing a real competitive edge to the game. However, I could not of been anymore wrong. How can the game possibly be competitive when the match making/ lag comp clearly favours one side or the other? I won't go on about this subject as there are already many threads covering this.



Also, I was disappointed to see that League play does not cover HC! I am a competitive HC player. Sure, I understand that HC is not the most favourable mode to play and therefore the develops favour to develop for core players and their requirements. Core and HC are two completely different styles of play, or at least they were in the original BO. Core for me has always been about the run and gun, the spray and pray to bring down the opposition. HC incorporates that to a certain extent but also require more tactical based movements as you couldn't see the opposite team on UAV's, you know that you can't re gen after a gun fight. When you'r in a gun fight you either win or lose. HC allows you take on more than one opponent at time creating some spectacular gun fights and game changing runs. I felt that BO really captured the essence of that tactics working alongside a classic FPS background.


I was looking forward to getting back into competitive gaming with BO2 but can't bring myself to play core, and the reviews that I have read regarding the current stat of League play are not good.

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    HC is not competitive play by any measure. It's not run on gamebattles - standard - and it certainly isn't run in LAN tournaments either. Instead of reading reviews from insatiable fanboys, you should play the title for yourself in entirety and not be hung up on minutae. As a veteran of the COD franchise, I've noticed the cyclical dissidance of supposed fans of the series that lament the new title for not being like the old title and then two years later they do the same thing to the next title while glorifying the title they previously belittled. Why not appreciate the game for it's core concepts and artistic endeavor? Why not take a chance at something new for once instead of wallowing in tradition? Open up to something new before it passes you by! ( and stop playing HC if you honestly want to play competitively for money)

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      Of course HC is competitive. There are plenty of HC leagues out there! I don't play core because I have tried it and I don't get on with it simple as. I have tried to play league play but can't get into a game, and when I do it is lag central. There is no way this can be competitive with the lag advantage given to one team or random players. It just not consistent.


      I don't enjoy having to unload half a clip to kill someone. One shot one kill makes that game flow.

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        HC is not hard at all and is not competitive. It takes less skill to play HC since it is so much easier to kill someone. You do not really ahve to be good at aiming or have any sort of good accuracy. Just sprawy, wiggle and get a kill, with any full auto weapon.


        I am barely and average player, yet I can go positive in 95% of every hc game I play because of how easy it is.


        It does not take half a clip to kill somoen in core. if it is taking you that much, then your aim is not nearly as good as it should be. because in core you have to actually aim better for longer to get a kill, compared to hc.