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The major flaws of League Play

I'm here today to outline some of the biggest flaws in the League Play system. I was in Master during the trial season and played quite around 100 games. These are my opinions on the system, and are by no means facts. Anything said in this topic by me is based on my own experience and theorycrafting. Let's get this started.


The Score System

This is in my opinion the biggest flaw. Here are some of the outlining features that I really do not agree with.

Static increase/decrease

Currently the awarded scores are +150/-150 for a "good matchup" and +10/-10 for a "bad matchup". But what about "decent" matchups? This system should be made dynamic, with (for example) a base score of +150/-150 that changes according to both teams skillevel. For instance, if you play against a better team you should recieve less of a penalty for losing and bigger for winning and vice versa.

Play more, win more, get higher score
Right now the player who wins the most games is 95% of the times the top of the Division. This isn't exactly wrong, but it has a flaw. If you keep winning and winning against players you are clearly better then, you should start to recieve less and less points for doing so.

The system is very unpredictable

Right now you have no idea whatsoever how much the game you are playing is worth. Sometimes you can get +10 after a really tough and even game and sometime you get -150 after getting roflstomped. Sure, the system can't be 100% perfect, but this is why a dynamic scoresystem would be great.

Disconnection is always punished

I donno how many times I've randomly disconnected with 10 seconds left on the clock, I'm top scorer, carrying my team to victory and BAM... -150. Punish early disconnecters, but instead of just giving them a -150 give them a time-out from League Play. Go look at CS:GO and Valve, how they do their matchmaking. There is no shame is learning from those that are more experienced than you!


The Matchmaking
The matchmaking could be better, but it's not horrible. I see the need for players of mixed skills to play together, otherwise there wouldn't be that many games, but here are the bad things.

Teams + Solo Rank = What?

Why is it that you allow players to team up when the ranks are supposed to be solo? There is no doubt that an organized team can just roflstomp their way to platinum, even though they are just silver-skilled players when playing solo. Let them join as a team but shuffle it up, so that no unfair advantage is given!

More focus on matching players with the same skill level

The majority of the games I have played I've ended up carrying my team to victory. I don't mind always being the top scorer in Public Match, but in league there should be a somewhat smaller percentage of me being top scorer, in my opinion. Like I stated above, I do see the need in mixed matchmaking during slow hours, and I've had some games with god matchups (5plats+1master in both teams) but in general, it's not that good.


Those are some of the biggest issues right now in my opinion. Do note that I don't really take CoD as an E-Sport seriously, but they are trying so I'm just offereing my help for them to improve and maybe actually be a decent e-sport title some day in the future. Until then I'm just gonna run around and pwn n00bs in public, since that's the best way to enjoy BlOps2


Good work with the game Treyarch (for a CoD title)


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    Someone actually makes a legit post and it gets burried under all the Q.Q garbage that is the CoD community... Great

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    Well, I took a break from League after going from reasonably high in Silver all the way down to Bronze after losing one match; I don't know how that happened, and I didn't think it was so easy to be demoted so quickly.


    One day I will rise again in the ranks, but for now I'm just going to play Public games.  I don't know.....I guess my sense of honor (or rather, self-respect) has taken a horrible blow on that fateful night when I got demoted to Bronze and couldn't return to Silver ever since. :/

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    Bumping this, because I really think this needs to be seen.

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    League play is flawed at best, broken and worst and just really a joke.


    I am in iron, yet I can easily pub stomp those in the same division as me. yet all i have to do is ocassionly lose and I get to stay there and pad my k/d because of this if I want too.


    I played a match the other dary, went 22-3 on carrier using a lmg 7.33 k/dr. went up 30 spots on the ranking because we won. had the highest k/d in the match, second highest score overall in match(maybe third), next closest person to me was a 4.0 k/dr that match, everyone else 2 or less. both on my team and on the other team.


    if was so balanced I never should have been able to do that well. So yeah, I think I will stay in iron for now and just make people rage when ever I am on a map like carrier..


    how did i do it. used the noob setup, target finder, with a lmg with extended clips. hardline for quicker streaks, cold blooded so anyone else using tf does not see me easily, engineer so I can see all the equipment and have an idea where people are camping. 2xpda to hack equipment, betty placed randomly in high traffic area for random kills.