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Time to put COD to sleep and remember the good times!!!!


There are a great many posts on here regarding Lag compensation affecting peoples enjoyment of the game, changing the attributes of the SMG's hip fire accuracy, changes to the UAV and Ghost perks and a few about the recent update dumping HC FFA for HC KC.. this is not turning people away from the game in sufficent enough numbers yet for the games developers and publishers to take any notice. How many of those who are objecting have pre-paid for the new maps in 2013 ???


     I am concerned that the joy my friends and I used to get from endless hours of COD is dying with BO's 2, the laughter in the lobbies as people remarked on kills or people stupidity, or the old you camping **&% has gone, replaced with:

  • People hip firing with semi automatic sniper rifles (if any change was needed it was with the Sniper Class !! Sniping by its nature is not running full belt around a location hip firing, it is about accuracy, stealth and invisibility to the emeny)
  • Handgun with more power and accuracy that an SMG and AR even from range, why doesnt the Army get rid of its SMG and AR's and give everyone a handgun and a beer (they can sit at home drinking the beer as the handgun's range is that good)
  • Spawn Killers.... surely the games engine can detect where the best place to spawn in, and thats not in front of the enemy FFS game development rule number 1 !!!
  • Gamers..... whilst i appreciate the game is global why put me in a lobby with people 000's of miles away and make them the host, and please please let me hear their continual babbling in an unknown lauguage, helps the team effort when we have 3 different languages between 6 players !!! local servers please and bin lag compensation (if someone in the UK cant afford better broadband then suffer the consequences, dont make my experiance ****!!!)
  • Games sounds.... you really went to town on this one guys NOT !!! I cant hear footsteps anymore even with awareness it sounds crap and how does footsteps on a carrier sound the same as they do on the streeps in Slums... please buy an sounds FX app and fix it... it is lazyness..


Please this is a few on my observations and I loved MW2 until the snipers, loved black op's but thought the pro perks where too difficult, I though W@W had great maps and dire weapons but still had a laugh everytime, MW3 again had great maps but dire gameplay and again we have fun... now im sad to say BO's 2 just makes people angry and complain... time to put old faithful COD out of its misery and move on to the next game (Pac Man with sniper rifles ?)