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sound issues since patch 1.04


i've been having sound issues when playing zombies for the last day or so(since newest patch) i completely loose sound and get like a helicopter sound.any one else been having this problem? was it the patch or have others had this problem before the patch and i just start expieriencing it? any way to fix it?its very annoying

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    Yeah I used to get this on the multiplayer Now I'm getting it on zombies..


    It's rather annoying because you have to back out and leave your team hanging..

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    I think a lot of people are experiencing the same thing. It used to freeze my console, but I haven't given it the time to do it again. I usually just quit the game when I hear it.


    One time it happened in multiplayer and I went to zombies mode to see if the sound would come back, it came back but there was a weird side affect. I couldn't see some hand railings like in the tunnel by the m16, and there was these strange black rectangles laying around everywhere in the road. The game eventually got really laggy (1 fps) and I had dashboard. I'm not sure what the black rectangles were, but they are definitely not meant to be seen.