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This has probably been asked to death already, but for gods sake I need to find answers myself. Why is it that some guns remain utterly overpowered, when others are just simply useless? I see many shotguns have been buffed, but they are still useless until you spend 20 hours getting damage on them, at which point they are only slighter better. How is it possible to get 2 hit markers at close range (i'm looking at you, model 1887)? Why is the ACR ridiculously overpowered (if you say that it isn't, and that it's just overused, you are literally delusional), and the CM901 barely useable? Why is the MP7 so blatantly overpowered (this is a no-brainer), whereas the MP5 is just a pea gun? Need I mention the Type-95? You pretty much have to have Assassin if you want to survive longer than 30 seconds. The PP90M1 is overpowered. The light machine guns are actually quite good, but its just too hard to compete against ACRs, MP7s and what-not. Back when I used to play, I'd absolutely abstain from using such overpowered gear, but on the off chance I did finally use an ACR, I got a MOAB in TDM. First game using it in a long time. A while later i decided to use the MP7. First game, MOAB. Exact same thing with the PP90M1. You might say coincidence, luck, my skill (lol), but there is a pattern.


Is this all due to developers being lazy, and just quickly throwing together what they can because they know the masses will eat it up because of the franchise? Do they actually think the game is balanced?


On a final note, I'd like to say that if you actively headglitch, I will find you and I will steal all your belongings and burn them.

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    Yes the aa12 and manual action shotguns are still rather poor weapons when compared to the rest.  The fact that the pumps start out requiring 4 pellets minimum to kill is just silly.  They should have buffed the pumps to take 3 pellets to kill up close when unlevled and take 2 inside thier max damage range when damage is equipped.


    The aa12 is a mess.  It requires just as many shots to kill as an smg.  The aa12 takes 2 shots up close and up to 5-6 shots at the end of its range.  At 400 rpm that gives the aa12 very bad kill times.  That gives it bad kill times inside of the already shortest range of any shotgun in mw3.


    To tell you the truth I don't think the acr and pp90 are that bad.  The acr has bad kill times up close so any smg or faster killing AR will crap all over it in cqc.  The acr shines at long range but some gun had to.  The acr at least has a weakness that is somewhat easy to exploit.


    The pp90 is the reverse of the acr.  It is devisdating in cqc but because of its 6 bullet kill and not great recoil it loses its effectiveness rather quickly and is easy to beat at mid and long range.


    The type 95 and mp7 on the other hand are over powered.  Both have spectacular performance at any range.  The mp7 is the worst because at least you need to be somewhat accurate with the type 95 because its a burst gun.  But the mp7 can just start firing immidiately and adjust aim after.