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Missing DLC - Getaway on Update 1.23

System :


New Slim 500gb PS3


Latest Update.


MW3 Install update 1.23 x 5 items


Map Collections:


All DLC collections Installed 1-4  [English BLES 01428] | from New PS Store.


& the Elite Drops inc free maps. "Terminal/Faceoff ect" have been tried  to see if there were a conflict on install...


All Maps show in different game options like ....online & Lan via " Game Setup > Bonus maps"  All are listed apart from Getaway?



I have invited another consloe with all the same maps as myself from my account (sons) (shared maps)

as we have had them working before when originaly installed, his does not show as any issues but.

Since i have deactivated & cleaned my old 120gb ps3, then  reactivated the new 500gb PS3 for my PSN account

then reinstalled all the DLC for MW3 including Key files & All updates


it still shows as "This user does not have the Getaway map installed"  but all other maps work and play fine? its not a PS3 Activation error or i wouldnt beable to install ...


What is going on? anyone any ideas? its starting to bug me with the amount of times i have re-downloaded all the map packs and installed. (2+hrs of downloads and install)


any ideas would be appreaciated guys & girls



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