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Sub-par multiplayer game.

This is my critique of the multiplayer. I have been playing Multiplayer shooters for 25 years.  My first multiplayer was Doom with a computer system link from back in the day.  I’ve played the majority of all shooters ever since. 


The lag is an issue. Putting a clip into an opponent and then to have them turn around and kill you is a problem especially when the replay shows that you didn’t even raise your weapon.


Spawning is horrible. There needs to be a 5 second buffer between you and your nearest opponent when you spawn. I’ve already killed a player and spawned behind the same guy and killed him again. He respawned behind me and killed me and then I respawned in front of him and he killed me again.  This happened on Cargo which is not a small sized map. 


Migrating host is horrible for certain games.  I played one in the chamber.  Out of 7 games that I played in a row host migration happened 21 times and the game booted everyone back to the main lobby or disconnected twice.


The game is constantly being updated Today I waited for a 5 minute update which followed by a hour and a half to play because the server was down.  And the error message that prompts you to check the website which state that all servers are working fine.  Well that’s just a flat out lie. 


Probation? Really?  This is the straw that’s going to break the camel’s back. The developers answer to the problem is to put players who have paid $60.00 for a “fun” gaming experience on probation.  I was on probation 4 times today and I didn’t leave one match early.  One dropped while the map was loading, 2 were connection issues with the little plug icon and the last was when I left a lobby after the game ended.  Maybe the developer should be put on probation every time the game “screws up.”


I would almost expect this if it was the first shooter they ever made.  But at this point with the past games they put out I hold them to a higher standard.  This is sub par.  They need to go back to the drawing board and create a better gaming experience.


Anyone else wanna add their thoughts?

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    Sure... I'll add my thoughts... I am returning this flaming pile of ****. I actually have a better experience lag wise playing halo or counterstrike where the actions I take in game matter. I honestly hope that CoD self destructs after this **** release.

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      I agree , the first week i played the game , everything was perfect , my KD was 1.6 and I was getting regulary 30 + kills in KC.

      Then came week  2 , my leaderboards got messed up, I even sent an email to activision to see if it could be corrected.Nothing was done , no reply.

      So I decided since i was at level 55 to wipe my stats. Guess what , after 3.5 h playtime my stats were messed up again , my carreer stats were good but under kill confirmed It showed that i had 5000+ kills and 4000+ deaths, are you kidding me. So I emailed activision again and of course no answer.

      No we come to the gameplay and it has been terrible , I am constantly the host and when i am , the game is unplayable , i lag at least a 1/2 second behind everyone else in the game.I bearly get 15+ kills and my KD has dropped below 1.

      So for all those asking why the hosts are migrating so much , simple , being host is unplayable so i do the same , i back out of the game.(and i hate doing this ) So until treyarch changes their netcode for hosts it will keep happening.MW3 was occasionally bad , but no where near as bad as this game .I have a fiber optic connection with 70-100 Mb/s down and Up , ping 5-10 ms.I am not new to COD and I am ranked 8400 in MW3 hardcore KC , I have been playing FPS for a long time.I understand the complexity of online multiplayer games but why there is such a huge difference with lag/hit detection between MW3 and BO2 beats me , you would think both game makers would share the best of their basic multiplayer netcode.The game in it's current state is no fun for me , i will give it another week or two and if nothing changes , good bye BO2 , I am moving on to another FPS.It's a shame because this could be such a great game.