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BO2 clan

Yo im starting a BO2 clan once the game comes out

here is the list to be in the clan




1. Need to have a 1.70 kill death ratio and above

2. Have a good win ratio 2.00 and above

3. NO RAGE QUITTING (only if we join a match with clan and losing by half the score)

4. Need to be active

5. Always join our party (if your still playing message one of our member to let us know when your done or middle of a game or in a party with a friend or something)

6. Always put clan tag ON or else kick out (put zomb if your playing zombie so we are aware you're playing zombie)

7. Don't talk smack to other clan so we can prove them that we're better than them

8. Also have fun no matter what.


PS: No try outs or anything. Need your stats to prove how good you guys are.


Clan Name: xVPx = Vicious Predator