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multiplayer for pc has suddenly stoped connecting

ok so i have had this game for almost a year and been playing it non stop without any issues over the past few months the wait time for a connection to the servers took longer and now it doesn't work at all i will try to connect and it will not work ever.


now im very PC savvy and know what im doing. nothing on my computer recently changed dramatically and it is not my router this game use to work at other places too including library and school but now all do not work. i have done all that steam file check stuff. I reinstalled steam too i deleted all steam files except for the steam apps. now im having a idea that maybe the multiplayer is corrupted somehow but i need to know how to reinstall it without loosing my saved gamed as well will i loose my rank on the servers or is that saved on servers themselves.


this is the orrigional mw3 pc game there is no dlc or anything and no i have never hacked.


also just to say i can get on multiplayer survival which works great but makes no sence why i cant get on.


plz help i have tried all options and cant figure it out.