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Moving to the WiiU, post up here


Hello everyone,


As more and more of us MW3 and BO players move to the WiiU and BO2 we should be sure to take our freinds (and targets) with us. So please if you were on my freinds list in MW3 or BO or even if you remember MWR then please join me on BO2.


I played MWR as "yourself"

                BO as "yourself" and then later as "TheMike"

             MW3 as "TheMike"


I am playing BO2 as "TheMike" and my gamertag is skymac22. When I moved my Wii data to the WiiU I lost my online MW3 profile so I am unable to text message any of you. I have already met up with Lucifer and Butt 6, and I look forward to see the rest of you online after Christmas I'm sure.


Good Day