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Scavenger - replenishments

The fact that scavenger can't replenish lethal grenades or at least tactical grenades isn't the best idea. It was good in mw2 that it did, I don't really see a problem except, people using it to replenish claymores. The door would be guarded by a claymore and when someone would try to get to them, the claymore would blow up and then they could just put another one down. I don't know if this could be changed with a patch or update, but I think scavenger pro should restock lethal and tactical equipment.

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    I both agree and disagree.



    It would be cool to have more equipment and stuff. It would act as a sort of failsafe if you accidentally mess up a grenade throw or something and completely fail, so that you could get a "Second Chance" at using your equipment. Good for taking down jugs also.



    I can already see a guy spamming grenades,semtexes, etc.if they find a scavenger pack motherload. That would not be very fun for whoever gets killed by them.


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