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    some nice ideas, may be some day.  but just think of the rig you would need to have all those in a game, you would have to have Maps from MOH, an environment from BFBC2, etc


    Yeah, no reason that more options for dedicated servers shouldn't be there. Its beyond preposterous that even now we only get the unranked dedis. Frankly, the whole "IWNet" system was horribly flawed from the start and P2P doesn't belong on the PC platform at all.


    As of other features, like map physics and dynamic maps, I have mixed feelings. Certainly sounds cool and all, but it would demand much more complex coding and as a result you can bet the system specs would rise much higher.


    Besides this, I see the biggest flaws in typical gameplay revolving around the flow that we get from current map design. And unfortunately, adding in neat little features like destructible walls and open-able areas wouldn't help the situation. As I see it, the biggest problem is the overall hindrance to visual contact with other players.


    And it doesn't help that the spawns toss everyone around hapazardly, and since there are no delays on spawns, the process can go from bad to worse very quickly. But that's just icing on the cake compared to this overall feeling of blindness that you get thanks to all the clutter and visual obstructions that fill up all the recent COD maps. And this in turn creates many problems.


    If you can't use your eyes, then you have to use something else. But the UAV, thermal sight, portable radar, etc. aren't always reliable. Moreover, having to constanly stare at them detracts from your attention on what's actually going on right in front of you. This fiasco is why I for one have come to nickname MW3 as "modern hide 'n seek 3" or "modern can't see s*** 3".


    As a result, combat is all about sudden unexpected encounters. Close range weapons have to be set to be mindless and spray-tastic or else they don't have a point. Other weapons also have to be dumbed-down to hell and back or else they end up underpowered. This is the origin of the disgusting crutches and training wheels for palsy victims- the ACR and MP7. Plus akimbos for good measure. The pandering to the lowest common denominator just wouldn't be complete without them.


    So I say the biggest and most influential boost to the COD formula would be to stop and clean up the maps from all the clutter. Open up the sightlines. Put waist-high cover that'll make for good shooting positions for crouching players, but make sure anyone using them is perfectly visible. Once players can return to using their bare eyes for normal gameplay, then these derp-tastic weapons can be tweaked to demand some skill. And once that happens, we might be able to take COD seriously as a multiplayer experience.


      Well I think its time the devs "pushed" the boundries and frontiers of the pc cod experience, instead of dumbing it down to lazy console ports.. this is why cod  on pc has went from 50,000-100,000 regular on cod4 (on first years release) to only 12,000 online playing bo2, 1 x month after its release..

      there is a loyal fanbase on pc, that has been allowed to dissappear because of the chase for xbox dollars..

      i'll bet there are more pc owners in the world ,than pesky 12 year olds owning xboxes , that is the consumer base the devs should be targeting..

      In my view cod as a fps has long lost its way, its time it got back to its roots, and be a great fps on pc.. instead of a lame, console, arcade game...