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Support emails / open cases being completely ignored

Hi, I've reported a problem, twice, where I don't have access to the fourth DLC drop (the last one), despite being an Elite member who purchased the hardened edition upon release. I can't even get a response from Activision's "support" people. Anybody else getting the same poor service or also can't access what they paid for?


It's been over two weeks since I reported it and I haven't had a single email from them.



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    hey just to let everyone know they do respond to your support cases but they do take their sweet time in doing so.i had to wait over two weeks to get a response that clearly showed they dont bother reading what you wrote.i get some stupid email about them fixing general problems but nothing about the specific problem.i did send a second email about first one not being responded to so mabey they only respond to spam.i am in no way suggesting to spm them lol.if you do then its your own problem when you get banned.

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    also im not sure but you may need to download an access key or something with these dlc drops.if that dont help then i guess your have to play with dlc disabled.i do cause the maps are an absolute waste of money plus there is like less than a thousand gamers on dlc so you find yourself playing the same camping/soundwhoring tryhards plus only map that comes up is gulch and i f****** hate that map.after deleting my map packs on mw2 i was never going to get them again but i guess im a sucker for their s*****y content.no doubt when mw4 comes out i will download that crap aswell just to go disable it again but i dont learn from my mistakes so theres f**** all i can do about that.screw you activision for feeding us cod addicts.although thanks to  mw3 being the best cod ive played(cod4 is better from what ive seen but never played it) i didnt need to buy that crap ops 2 beta they sold to so many people who have a bigger addiction than me.if mw4 is as bad as bo2 im going cold turkey on this s****.sorry to turn that into a rant but where else am i going to s*** on activision and feel like people agree with me.and how can i not write an essay but when it comes to cod i could write a f****** book on how bad it is lmfao