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Worst luck ever

So as some of you know you need a 10, 15, and 20 medal on free for all to master the game type.  I got so excited and blew my chance at 20 by 2 seconds..  I was using the back end of highjacked after I got my guadian and sentry gun and put one on both sides I got up to 19 kills and got anxious and ran out to find some one quick and got shot but an r870 .  The worst part is after i died my sentry killed him right there.  I've come close a few times.  I've had 3 ruthless(15)+ kill streaks. Anyone got advice for 20?

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    Try getting a big map.. Hold down one corner of the map by flanking between two points


    Your going to need.....

    **Almost** Smg - Easy mobility for flanking/quick aiming while running between points

    A Silencer,


    Perk 1

    Flak Jacket (In case they toss any explosives in your direction)

    Perk 2

    Cold Blooded (If they are using target finders)

    Scavenger (Replenish ammo & equipments)

    Perk 3

    Tactical Mask (For all the flashes and shock charges that'll be flying your way)



    Bouncing Betty (Surrounding your two points)


    Shock Charge (Place right by Betties to stun enemies (and alert you) while Betties do their job.




    **Do Not try and control the entire map. There's too much lag for you to accurately win most gun fights.

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      You should be able to get it with only one Scorestreak (UAV)... but if you need help with kills, use any combination of the following with a UAV or Orbital VSAT.


      Sentry Gun - A.G.R - Stealth Chopper - Escort Drone - (maybe a Warthog, to get the final 6 kills)