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New player tips

So, this is a quick guide on how to succeed at black ops 2 if you are new to COD (this is a favour for a friend but I thought I may as well post this)

These are some less than obvious tips that I think would help people


1) Get a low connection. Do not get a super high speed connection as lag comp will crucify you, get a middle of the range connection or get a good connection and run like a music video in the background. Point is you do not want the game to make you host, if it does then just leave the game cause you will not have a good time (especially if you are new to this.

2) Headphones are nice but not truly necessary, I have some and while they are cool I don't swear by them



1) Some games are laggy as hell, I tend to leave these as it is just not fun. There isn't much you can do to fix the lag as even people with the best connection will lag if the rest of the lobby are on dial-ups (read: a crap connection)

2) The game does not seem to balance teams except in league play so frequently you will find yourself being totaly pooped on. This will happen a lot so just get your head down and power through, I wouldn't rage quite because I can garuntee that in a few games you will get a match where your team destroys the opposition entirely.

3) Lag compensation happens to everyone. It makes you about as effective in a gunfight as an asmatic kitten so if lag comp does strike play defensive and keep at long range. Never use a shotgun or SMG with lag comp because you WILL lose.

4) You know you have lag comp if:

    -You are aimed straight at them and no bullets are drawing hit markers

    -You are dying before you can even react (one shot kills)

    -The kill cam displays the enemy firing more shots than you saw him fire or you firing less shots than you fired.

5) the spans are the craziest they have ever been. If you are getting spawn trapped (which will happen regardless of the enemy team trying to do it or not) just wait in your spawn or try to sneak away, hugging the edge of the map. (or spawn with a SMAW/Shotgun combo and one shot the spawn trapping noobs.



1) Never apprack a sniper directy, he will win the gunfight. Snipers are easy to use and accurate at any range in this game so if a sniper is holding down a choke point or in a building, avoid him.

2) For the love of God have a class with engineer. Bouncing betties and claymores are deadly as hell in this game and engineer delays them and makes sure you'll live. Note it does not delay shock charges so a charge/betty combo will still kill you.

3) remember that people are alerted if their equipment is destroyed so unless your enginnerovision shows a shock charge just run right though the campers defenses and knife that sniper!

4) the snipers are good in this game but not for quickscoping, use them as they were intended to be used, quickscopers usally fail (I've seen 1 or 2 good ones, but mostly they fail)

5) SMGs and Assault rifles are good all round weapons and should be your bread and butter for class set up.

6) League play is fun but play quite a lot of public before you jump in as there is no mercy in league. You may also generate a lot of hate for doing badly.

7) A lot of the objective games are fast paced and fun, do not just sit and camp. It may get you kills but ultimately no one will thank you for it, not on your team or the enemy's.

8) The ultimate aim of this game is to have fun, so do what you enjoy. If you do like playing defensively and statically then go for it (I personally get bored but if you like it, go ahead). Remeber though that other people play this game too and they want to have fun also, so let them.

9) Knifing, surprisingly, is not as good in this game as it was in previous titles

10) You will get dropped into games you are losing about 75% of the time, you're just gonna have to deal with it.

11) No one cares about win loss due to many reasons stated above, so don't bother trying to maintian it.

12) the game will disconnect many many many times. Don;t let it get to you.

13) I foyu play against parties expect to lose, parties both massively screw the balance and also they can communicate.


Hoping you find this useful,


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    This works for you - yes. But not neccessarily for other people


    Let other people play the game themselves and settle with what they feel comfortable using

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      to be fair, most of the things he said are true.


      Can i add one thing to the list?


      How to be a BO2 MLG Semi Pro: Use a SMG with Laser and spray with it as soon as you see a person on your screen, you will win 80%, just like everyone else is doing in this skill based spray and pray lag fest.

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      Mostly this thread was a "Somethings in the game suck, don;t let it get to you, have fun" kinda thing, but yeah

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    Just play hardcore and avoid 95% of the problems in CoD. Core is broken, hardcore is not, that is the golden rule of CoD. Don't believe me? Well then sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but Santa ain't real either.

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      mm, I do like hardcore but a lot of tryhards play it. I like a challenge and even games are really fun, but some times I just play to relax. I don;t get how hardcore solves comp lag but still. Also what the hell are you talking about santa for you strange person?

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      hardcore is just as broken as core... you just dont notice it as much becasue you are used to being insta killed and you dont see kill cams.

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    Good stuff some helpful tips Thankyou George please keep this good stuff coming.

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      I did da a good and bad stuff about this game, but this is  abit more of a one off, if you like tips and tricks go to tmartn or driftor, those guys are great on youtube

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        i think when you crouch walk with an MG, you can creep up behind people and the time it takes you to aim won't affect you because you will be behind them sneaking up.


        also, when you crouch in the corner, people will run by you then curse you to hell when they die.


        you're not allowed to turn around in COD. you MUST run in a striaght line. If you turn around, you're cheating.


        your not allowed to find people who think they are hiding. If you do, you're cheating since there is no way you knew they were there.


        always prone when possible to maximize anger received.


        never get lucky grenade kills becuase you will again be cheating.


        Don't go positive in games or you will be reported.


        don't join party chat because people will laugh at you.


        anytime you kill someone, its lag.

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          Okay.....Not what I was saying at all, all the tactics you state are perfectly valid, crouch walking with mgs, crouching in corners and proning are fair enough, I personally don;t do them cause I prefer sprinting around killing people in corners but whatever floats your boat. As to the random things about going positive in games is cheating, lucky grenade kills, party chat and that last one about lag I don't know why you wanna troll me (or at least it seems like you are trolling me) but I honestly don't care I mean as I have said before this was more to telly new players not to be intimidated just because of a few small game problems and to try and have fun....


          In short hand what the **** you talking about?

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    Cowboy Torry

    Nice post - but i'd like make some comments before adding my own tips

    11) No one cares about win loss due to many reasons stated above, so don't bother trying to maintian it.

    I disagree, Win/Loss is important, even more then Kill/Death Ratio.  Granted you can't always control W/L because of technical issues or because the teams you are dropped in.  But W/L gives a good indication whether you play the objectives.


    So in other words play the objectives and your W/L will go up.


    13) I foyu play against parties expect to lose, parties both massively screw the balance and also they can communicate.

    If you face a party, just play harder.  Yes, there is still a big chance you will loose, but most parties tend to back out a match once they realize they can't win.


    My own piece of adivice


    1. Never quit a match, unless lag hits you.  Don't quit because you were joined in progress in a loosing match.  Sit that one out and the next match might go better.  Don't quit when you face parties, keep on fighting usually they will retreat once they notice stiff competition.  If the parties are to strong, quit in the lobby, not during the match.  It's not fair towards your team mates.

    2. Game modes: look for that gametype that suits you most and stick with it.  You will have more fun and your stats will reflect that.

    3. class tips (for domination but might apply to other gametypes): always have these basic setups

    • sprinter: class to sprint to the objective (SMG)
    • Defender: class to protect objective (Assault rifle/sniper)
    • EMP: class to destroy enemy scorestreaks (assault rifle with black hat and EMP)
    • Anti Air: class to shoot enemy air score streaks (LMG with rocket launcher)
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      I think win loss is a bit less valued than k/d, 70% of games I join we are losing by more than ten kills or 40 domination points, I don't tend to leave unless the enemy has an overwhelming kill streak advantage but I usually lose those. I used to have a win loss of 1.6 but it's dropped to below 1 since I started playing more objective games as they tend to be more one sided, or at least I have found that to be so. At any rate, if you start of losing in over half your games it is hard to get a good win loss. I don't tend to judge much on ratios, I mostly play objective games with friends so it's how they act in game that determines my opinion. Facing a party can be fun in a desperate last stand kind of way but a lot of the time they do destroy if they have good tactics. On the other hand I have faced parties and totally dominated them. In league is more where that point truly comes in to it's own as you can have a party of 4 golds and two platinums vs me (platinum) and a team of bronze, silvers and no rankers. Or have prestige ones and twos going up against sevens and eights. Its not that the enemy are a party it's more that whenever there is a party the balancing goes haywire.


      Apart from that agreed on all points but the last one, I think people should try all the fame modes and play as amany as they can, I find that more fun tbh

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    I was going to go point by point but im just denieing this whole list until you show credintals on you knowing what your talking about...

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      Show credentials? Who the hell are you the KGB? This list is my opinion so disagree or agree whichever you see fit. As for my "credentials" I have been playing cod since MW2, had a KD of 1.8 and a WL of 1.5 until I started playing party games a bit too much (now its a KD of 1.3 and a WL of 1.3) and I am in the platinum league for TDM and the gold league for Mosh pit. In short I count my self as slightly above average and am making this list having had the game since its release to prompt more tips and help those who have just got it for christmas.