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Every game i join has hackers in it!

And this is not just a little aimbot, these hackers have the lot and get 70+ kills per game.

Whatever happened to dedicated servers run by clans?
Using Punkbuster to check for cheats and taking screen shots of the players view to check for cheats.
It worked in the old days.

Servers were more playable on pings also.


Un installing the game now, as with mass cheats allowed - it sucks.

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    It's been like this from the outset, as it was a simple tweek from cod 4 hacks to this game so the cheaters just over run the game, little can be done for the PC version "IW said" ... yes RDS may have helped a lot, but I have read comments that dedi server admin are running around just kicking good players any ways.  I just think any one who plays well "and there are lots of good players" the admin think they must be hacking.  our clan has gone back to cod 4, their are lots of servers but few players about, I don't know why????

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    everything in this game is good for cheaters

    you cant' ban a player, you can't block a server, you can't blacklist players

    and there is no one admin playing.


    And i'd buy a game such this to let cheaters have fun?

    this nite i can't play, cheaters in every server

    and what can you do? nothing

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    today i played with a cheater and i was just shooting i couldn't move cause he teleported everybody to me. I was just shooting and i was getting a lot of kills, but then a guy reported me i was not the cheater. Can i be banned for this? Can i get unbanned? Plz answer me this questions!

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      hey guys, what you can do is just spam their twitter accounts for an update - InfinityWard and candyslexia

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      Well as soon as you found you could not move for one reason or another, and you where in a hacked lobby, just press Esc Key and leave the game, does not matter how easy the kills where? I would check your files to see if this lobby has downloaded anything on your PC, but if any other player in that session recorded it and it looked like you just stood their on the spot shooting and killing, then that would look like an aimbot, on the play back????

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    Just because someone gets 70+ kills in a game doesn't make them a cheater. As I have had plenty of 100+ games and I never have nor will I ever use a hack. Someone that actually uses 3rd party programs for aiming, wallhacking, god mode ect are hacks. Such as this guy here using a new and improved aimbot.




    Or this one here, the typical server lobby hack aka modded lobby.



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      MW3 on PC is nothing more than an arcade game, lag comp sucks,matchmaking sucks,and this supposidly unhackable method of making cod,is over-run by haxors???,(LMFAO),  anti-cheat?? does not work,coz WE have to report them,even then nothing is done.. what a effing joke.


      This (along with new bo2) is truly the death of cod on PC..


      My advice is for any of you who havent tried cod4 or waw, is to rush out and buy these games,( and ditch this crap called mw3.)

      Now playing 16v16 or more on maps that are big enough to handle more players? thats what i call a PROPER cod PC experience..http://youtu.be/d3nASiYG9sc


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        Yep you are correct there are other  games like Cod4 and WAW which are still supported and have RDS to boot, and are PC games not some thing that has been ported over from a games consol, and the truth be known makes MW3 the biggest farse ever for a PC gamer, and people still buy this game, then come to the forum to complain about the cheaters ... this is the way PC gamers are going to be treated from now on, sad but true, forget about the roots of Cod, forget about-anti cheats forget about support it's not going to happen...