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_mergin clan_


i got a clan and is willing to merge with nother small clan i have at least 4 members..not looking for a large some of a clan

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    How many members do you have? also, PS3 or Xbox? I got a clan of 33 members called Projects Gaming. We play on clan ops and we are competing in a League (not to be confused with League on BO2, which we also play). Please email me  at spectre@projectsgaming.com if interested.

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    Hey i just recently started a clan Grizzly Killas we are only at about 5 members if u guys would liek to come over to us ur welcome to. thats if u are ps3. Only requirements are that u need atleast a 1.05 kd and u must have a mci if u guys can meet that then friend request me my PSN is Crowned-A-Clown

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    we are an xbox 360 clan currently at black ops level 7, we only have 5 members and you are welcome to merge with us there are no requirements only that ou will participate in some of the challanges. message me if if intrested im bratnesti.

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      I have a Xbox 360 bo2 clan lvl 5, we are called Knights Of Oz with clan tag 51R , and if youre Aussie too it would be great to have you's and give a total of 14 members.  If your interested message Clive Steele on xbox live.