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    hairybubba1963 wrote:



    Or should we expect them to take away the spawn delay choice in core next ?

    Nonsense... they wouldn't DARE remove anything from regular core.  That's their reason for everything!

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    Can we have multi team or dom santa? What's that you say saint that snd must go? Ok, ho ho ho.

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    Vahn thanks for having the wisdom to reach out to the community.  I suspect I’m one of the older players at 48 and perhaps it’s because of that I enjoy a more strategy based game like DOM and CTF.  I detest kill cams and appreciate the more realistic game offered in HC. 

    Did game analytics drive the decision to offer CTF, CK, TDM and S&D?  It seems an interesting combination of modes.  I was a very active in MW3 playing HC DOM and have to settle for CTF as DOM is not offered.

    If you’re looking for input I’d take DOM over CTF.  Either way I’d hope these decisions are made using data over some other method. 


    Best regards



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    Here's what I don't get about this company.  Look at the league numbers then look at the Hardcore numbers.  Surely if league is failing then quit and add more hardcore games.  Although IMO there's strategy and there's just plain old camping and I seem to find a lot of the latter in hardcore.

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    I've been playing a lot of DOM in MW3 lately and love it! We really need it in hc. Look at the numbers in core dom, they are pretty high and hc dom would be high as well. League Play is super low and I don't see the purpose of it. Everything unlocked? Uh, no thanks.

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    I believe that League Play is taking valuable space and it's the reason why HC have only a few game modes.

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    I like the idea of Leauge Play, but no hardcore? It's all good. The good thing about this game coming out every year is that we can go back to the titles that gave us hardcore options. I shouldn't waste my time max prestiging every year so I don't play one title for too long and not go back to the previous ones. MW2, Black Ops, and MW3 are fun to go back to.

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    20 of my clan won't be buying any DLC for this game, they've had our my money for this year and we won't be buying next years title unless HC Dom is confirmed. I'd im-plore you all to do the same.

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    You will be lucky if "MW4" even comes out.

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    i really won't be bothered. Battlefield looks more and more interesting. Never played it but the DLC looks amazing

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