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difficulty finding matches



I'm playing MW3 for a while now, and since a week or two, I'm unable to join or search for a

"Hardcore Ricochet: TDM" match ... don't know why, just can't seem to join anything anymore..


pls help,



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    Hello Xenron,



    Regarding your current issue; It may just be the time of day/night you play but please check the number of players in the lobby. Time of day and region will affect the number of players in most play lists. The second troubleshooting step is to reboot your modem and router. If the game is giving you any error messages, please take a photo of it and include it in this thread so we can investigate further. This could be intermittent so let us know if you still need assistance. We can be reached here, Facebook (Activision Assist) and Twitter (@ATVIAssist).


    Have a good day!


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    hey there.the issue your having is something that always happens in the hc playlists.since there is such few players that play hardcore and the majority of them are cod enthusiasts they move from cod to cod so now they have gone to black ops 2.core is still running strong and i hardly bump into the same player twice.but hc dies around a year after release.i no longer play hc because this problem.it is always the first to be affected by activisions relentless sequel making.i suggest making the move to core.i definitly do not recommend moving to black ops 2 unless you want more dissapointment.hc on bo2 is a trolling nightmare frrom what ive seen.btw adjusting to core wont take you long maybe a week or 2 before you get back to beasting on noobs.i actually play better on core than i did on hardcore so i highly recommend it.i see core tdm run about 40.000 players while hc tdm maybe 2.000 that means less than 20 full lobbies at any one time and if your using new maps your probaly have about 5 of them.also if you leave a game then search again you more then likely will be placed straight back in the same game.so core or nothing it seems is the best way to go.i know it sucks to make the move but trust me on this.i was a hc gamer for 2 years.