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Next Call of Duty - More Gameplay Features

I have some ideas to help make Call of Duty better for next year! My ideas evolve around the game modes and other extras to enhance the newest game. My first idea is to bring back Co-Op Campaign for up to 4 players! That would be one of the most fun that I can think of! Next, enable computer bots like in COD Black Ops 2. Finally, In split screen mode, please enable leveling-up in this game mode. Also with the split screen mode, make a party mode which allows 4 players (with or without bots) to basically add new features into it. These features could be: Custom Game Modes, Co-Op Campaign but with leveling/ranking up during the campaign. Just something like that! Please, I would love to see this happen. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy the new features as well as the previous ones!