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Triple Kill with an rpg for gold camo that's pure evil treyarch

I have the smaw in gold and the stinger (ajh or whatever its called in this game) and I have every challenge done for the rpg except for the triple kill but the problem is the rpg is so underwhelming you basically need to get it right at their feet for a kill not 2 feet to the left or right but smack dead on them or right at their feet which makes this challenge so ragingly annoying to get.


for those who have it done I have to assume it was blind piss taking luck that the magikarpesqe splash damage of the rpg actually spread to 3 people I have decided to wait until when our chistmas noob friends pop on because hopefully I will be able to find three of them sitting at b on highjacked and hopefully get 3 kills with it then.


Anyone else come across a frustrating challenge that is just keeping diamond or a playercard just out of reach post below let me know Im not alone in my frustration