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A couple questions.

Upon the release of Black Ops 2 has some sort of matchmaking change been implemented into MW3? I've noticed lately that I'm consistently, whenever I end up leaving lobbies, most of the time being joined into lobbies of people I've already played with in the past few games. Often the exact same one I just left, which annoys me as I always have a valid reason for leaving. Either my connection is terrible to the host, the map sucks or I'm generally in a bad lobby with clueless teammates or whatever, or join a game too late to make any difference to the upcoming loss. I realise now that the lobbies present are much less since lots left to play BO2, especially now Christmas has come along. But there are still plenty enough for this not to keep happening. Anyone

have the faintest why this keeps happening? Thanks. Just a little thing that's been puzzling me. :/


I understand this would be more of an underground thing so another thing I wanted to know is what's happened to the vault rendering process if anything? I have a YT account, tried rendering a video twice, both times apparently completed, but still no video on my channel. Does this no longer work or something or do I just have to keep waiting? It's never took this long before, that I can recall.

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    Try contacting support chat on actvision support

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    are you by any chance playin with the new maps.because if you are,this is where the problem is.for any gamemode other than tdm the amount of people who use the new maps is very small.for instance snd ctf dom kc.these all have so few players that there isnt enough lobbies with free space.so when you leave a game you have no where else to be placed.this also affecs finding games which is why i now mostly disable my dlc.also in general people who buy new content are more likely to keep up to date with the new games in the franchise.so its also because they move to bo2,and  because dlc using players are in seperate matchmaking lobbies to those without it.if you ever played world at war your understand why they have done this.i suggest either stop leaving games even when its a laggy ass game that is causing u to play bad or do as i do and disable your dlc.you can do this using the select or back button at the multiplayer menu.i know that sucks but its the only proper solution your gonna get.also i find all i get is the map gultch and after playing that like a million times in a row i had to go back to dlc disabled.they are a waste of money these maps.anyway i hope this helped you.