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Support for More Hardcore Modes


Greetings Call of Duty Comminuty,



I hope all of you have been enjoying this game just as much, if not more, than the ones that came before it. I've been playing it quite actively with my wife, some of my soldiers, and some recent friends we met online since release. But to the point of this post...I am not sure how many of you feel the same way, but our little group loves hardcore and would like to see more of it. We primarily play objective based games, and steer away from Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, but also don't like Search and Destroy. So this only leaves us with CTF for Hardcore modes, or jumping in a core lobby; which we rather not do.


Hopefully, if enough of you agree and comment on this post, we can see the other game modes added to Hardcore.


I know there are many other things that need to be modified/fixed in the game, and this is not of top priority, but it would greatly increase the gameplay experience for us; and those of you that feel the same way.


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    I'm a recent Hardcore convert, really enjoy HCKC. Wouldn't mind seeing HC Dom/SnD/Demo/Hardpoint added to the canon.


    I have to be in the mood for SnD tbh, but as a gametype it really seems to sit well with HC rules. Makes it more intense...

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    agreed, I would love to see more game modes for hardcore, mostly domination

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    I really hope they'll do something. Well, we get to "master" each of the few modes we have this way but I'd rather have some choice and variety in gameplay actually.


    They're also not being honest with us as there are several softcore and league lists that have less players than Hardcore but still they keep it as tight as on launch.


    Tried softcore several times now and it just doesn't work for me. It feels like a different game altogether and the number of hits needed isn't even the biggest problem. It's even higher speed, even more spray, constant flashing / screaming whatever drives me insane.

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    I would really like to see all core modes in harcore. Groundwar especially, because my clan has over 20 people, but usually 11-12 are on at one time. I hate having to split the group sometimes when we could have 9 in a ground war, but we all dislike core.

    Even without ground war though, adding all of the objective modes would be a fantastic addition to this already phenomenal game.

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    I've seen loads of these discussions on here,and every time it makes me realise just how unfair it is to hc players. I've played hardcore since bo1,loved the hc HQ mainly,and that was very popular,usually around 4000 people on(ps3) When i hear the devs saying that there is not much demand for hc,check the numbers,i went on yesterday and there was under a thousand people playing sticks and stones,under 2000 on gun game. 12000 on hc snd!!! The numbers do not lie. I honestly think that 3arc do not give a sh it about us. I hope they bring hc dom or even hc moshpit into bo2 like they did with bo1. I'm 4th prestige and am nearly bored with playing hc snd and hc tdm. I think they might lose a few dlc customers if they do not put more hc gamemodes in. I for one will wait a day or two before buying it this year,to check if the gamemodes come with it. I actually remember vahn saying pre release that 3arc have thought about us hc players this time. All lies!

    On another note,i'm still a bit peed off at them for not putting nt2025 into the rotation yet. 


    To summarise,sort it out for us hardcore players please

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    I think every mode should have the option of core and hardcore. Honestly I like hardcore better to me its more realalistic no cheats your going in blind like you would in real life. So yes I agree make every mode the option to play in hardcore that would also be more fair.

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    I agree, I have played every COD since Modern Warfare 1, & in every game I have played hardcore.....this game definitely needs more hardcore game modes added. Domination, Demolition are just a couple that need to be added.