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will there be more prestige levels????


I think there might be,but what do you think.some noobs are already running around with prestige 12

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    I just know I'm stuck at Prestige 9 because I don't like the mess that the Prestige Master emblems is.

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    There isn't a prestige 12.

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    Be nice, but just have to see how fast the boosters and cheaters will get there. I mean really, a guy who is 7,8,9 Prestige with less than 3-4 days play is a booster or cheater.. I look at every lobby and anything higher than 7+ i look at there time play and stats to see if they boosted.Report and back out. Sorry but game is little over a month old and there shouldnt be that many 10P with less than a week of play. I mean really, if you have a job, how in the hell you can spend 8 hours extra a day playing this game.. you must have no family, or kids...

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    I really hope they add at least 5 more.  I am a master prestige and made it to here the second double xp weekend.  I had just under 7 days played.  I now have around 10 days played.  has to be in my top 3 CoD games.  number 1 being WaW and 2 being CoD4.

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    I'm actually one of those that hope they don't add more prestige levels. I absolutely hated that in MW3. I got to 10th prestige, they added ten more, and I stopped prestiging.


    I want to get to max prestige, and then start to have fun with the weapons and work on challenges beyond just the guns.


    They release a Call of Duty game once a year. They might as well not add more prestiges.

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    More? Why?


    Prestiging doesnt prove anything anymore... Master Prestige can be achived with enough time played,not skill level.

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    You've got too much time on your hands if you want more prestiges.

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    i really hope they don't add any. i hated that in mw3.


    i just want to get to 10th, and then mess around with stuff i don't usually use, like sniper rifles and ballistic knives and stuff like that. i wanted to do that in mw3, but they kept adding prestiges, and by 17th, i just stopped playing the game. plus i want to try some of the league thing, but i won't do that until i've finished prestiging.

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    If you play straight up tdm it will take you forever to prestige, objective games give you double the xp per match on average. I maxed out the last two cod's with pure hc tdm, no wonder why it took so long.

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    There WILL be more prestage levels. My friend is a master prestage, and i saw his elite, and behind the master prestage, there is the 12'th prestage simbol. The new prestages will peobably come out ether with the new "revolution" DLC fwhen it comes out for ps3. Or or with the one coming DLC after that.

    The new prestages will probably look like older BO1 emblems from all of my reaserch.

    The picture below shows 12'th prestage, and 13 in the backround, [it is 100% real]


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      This isn't PROOF of there being more prestiges.

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      So you stand by tis post as proof, seeriously its no wonder te half of MP comunity has gone down the drain, for those of you that wish for more prestige levels go to barracks hit that reset button and poof you can continue prestiging stop the stupid speculations and spreading of false info, until 3arc says so then there is no more prestige levels.


      Dont feel like typing anymore END post.

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        So everyone wants proof here is the math


        Speculation is that people have become prestige masters with 16 hours of gameplay


        Or 96 matches or if matches were al five mins long 192 matches yet profiles show 476 played in 16 hours of gameplay


        Im going to set my standard for scoring at 500 matches which is well above what they played


        You need12, 500, 000 points


        25000 per match or 125, 000 kills however you want to view it


        500 matches is just over four days of gameplay or two days if ur matches only lasted five minutes


        250 kills per match to reach score but we going to say 25. Kills and rest earned in camos n unlocks


        Score for the profile in question was just over 2, 200, 000 or 45 kills each match was earned in kills scorestreaks etc


        So we going to say 50 kills towards the 250 per match were earned via kills or scorestreaks in game. Including the double xp varible


        Give two camos per match that is equal to 100 kills if you say camos average score earned is 5k


        That is high but for study purposes we want to give them as much as we can


        Still one hundred to count for so we give them four other unlocks or achievements at 2500 per again on the high side


        Takin a closer look only 40 or so weapons in game with camos ... high side gives us 600 camos. So in half the matches no camos earned


        Pretty sure the same with achievements not 2000 achievements in game worth an average of 2500 pts


        At an average of 25 kills per match that gives us 12, 500 total


        Which are numbers generally seen on prestige five profiles


        Of those the first eight camos take 7000 headshots or oneshot kills if you say an average of 175. Kills needed to earn the eighth one


        Another 2k after that for just bloodthirsty skulls leaves us just 2500 kills to squeeze in art of war n cherry blossom which is around 100 more kills besides the 50 we gor without dieing on each weapon n dyin once to not waste one kill


        So thats 4k more kills to earn those n we now are negative 1500 kills needed for all camos


        Then most of your major achievements require 10k kills or more to obtain all them in certian ways


        Hope this shows thar in no wau possible can one play 16 hours n be prestige master without connin thier way there

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    Prestige Master - Level 11

    Prestige Master II - Level 12

    Prestige Master III - Level 13

    Prestige Super Master - level 14

    Prestige Super Master II - level 15

    Prestige Super Master III - level 16

    Prestige Epic Master - level 17

    Prestige Lord Master - level 18

    Prestige Deity - level 19

    Prestige God - level 20


    Errr, no.