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why black ops 2 is terrible


just play the game for an hour and find out for yourself

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    I've played 37 hours and still unable to find out why Black Ops II is terrible. Am I doing something wrong?


    - TopFighter

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    Then don't play it. I''ve played for 135+ hours and I still love playing it everday.

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    Get your facts straight. BO2 is by far better than MW3. Treyrach nailed it, they cut all the bullsh**.

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    The only real problem I had with black ops 2 is the spawning system. Once you get past that it's a pretty decent game.

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    You didnt really say why Black Ops 2 is terrible, you only really said how to find out, and even then, it seems it hasnt worked for a lot of people, myself included. Could you give us any more advice on how to find out, or simply just tell us?

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    2 words .  target finder

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    For me, and many others I'm sure, one big thing is lag compensation (I believe that's what it is anyway). As mentioned (and I've and others have experienced), on our screen, we could come across enemies and easily fire 10+ rounds into them, more than what should be enough to kill them, yet they don't die and seem to kill us in what seems like just 1-2 rounds, our screen barely twitching red once before we die. Then, according to the killcam (their screen), we apparently barely pull off 1-3 shots while they began firing a whole second or so before we did.


    It becomes even more apparent when I can easily shoot up a person from across a map with a LMG in the chest/head, they don't die, and somehow kill me back with a SMG in, again, what feels like 1-2 shots and, again, shows our shots only registering once or twice, but nothing else. One of the worst times I experienced was when I put FOUR quick, full (as in 4 rounds each, not using Select Fire), bursts from the M8A1 into a guy's chest when, at the most, two should've easily killed him in the chest, even at a slight distance, but he still kills me shooting back.


    With the amounts I've been seeing, it's hardly "balancing" as it is just outright rewarding those with slower connections, making it feel pointless to even try playing in such lobbies because it's virtually impossible to get kills when you should while enemies get killed they should not be getting otherwise.



    And yeah, the spawn system has been becoming more apparent a problem, even on larger maps like Carrier and Turbine and especially on smaller maps/ones with less spanw points like Hijacked and Slums. Several times, every few games, I can spawn when there's a person right around a corner, essentially giving them a free kill, or I can barely take 5 steps at least. On several maps, there's even pretty easy spawn camping like Hijacked.


    Nothing on weapons yet as it's pointless to try to say if anything is OP or UP until lag/lag compensation is fixed.