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Foregrip attachment... it is really useless?

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpgW4vpZtxQ


I follow Driftor since the MW2 days and am wondering about his foregrip video released yesterday... It is really a placeholder attachment and useless on most guns? I personally find it hard to believe... I trust Driftor and Tmartn when it comes to CoD.. Im waiting for Tmartn's take on the foregrip, but I would like other players honest opinion on the foregrip in BO2... Is it useless?

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    I'm asking the same question myself.


    A video I watched (may be the one you linked) showed SMG spreads to more straight upwards rather than up and to the right. It also kept the spray closer together (to the center).


    I read somehwere that foregrip brings the gun back to center faster.


    If my assumption is correct, this explains why tests show a slighter tighter cluster on full burst wall models, and why they're clustered more spherically. For an SMG this means after every burst it will pull back to original position faster, meaning it 'strays' less and even when it does stray it holds the bursts in a more linear line (tighter back to the line even if it is straying).


    I can only assume then that it is more useful for guns that are shot in bursts, or guns that have shorter sprays (Assault Rifles). It will increase accuracy because it brings the gun back to its original position faster, reducing 'straying'.


    I'm not sure if this is correct though, it's combining information I've read together to explain what I've seen in videos. I think that it's slightly useful for some SMG's (the ones that when tested, showed circular patterns) but I have now stopped using it until I see more information.


    I think that for specific weapons, say the Type 25, where range is longer and timing between bullets is longer (more time to pull back to center) it allows for an more noticeable increase in accuracy (bullets fired closer to the original position of first placement). I think this would also improve the FAL with auto-fire, as timing between bullets is longer.


    Does anyone else have any input? Link here if TMartn posts a vid with more detail on its usefulness.

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    Good video. Only a shame no video's or data about it.

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    I don't think the Foregrip is useless, but I do think its use is confusing.  It only reduces recoil when ADS'ing......so, if you're going to hip-fire and want good accuracy, you need the LAM, which doesn't make sense because the LAM isn't something you hold on to in order to maintain accuracy while firing.


    Then again, Black Ops II's gun statistics with accessories confuses me sometimes.....not to mention that accessories like the Foregrip aren't always beneficial for every category of firearm.  LMG's are a notorious example; even if you equip the Quickdraw grip, ADS'ing with the LMG is still going to be sluggish.  Equipping a LAM on an LMG hardly makes a difference when hip-firing as well.


    Oh, and I will admit that I haven't seen the video.....not yet, anyway, but I will when I post this message.  I just wanted to put my two cents in concerning accessories and statistics in this game.

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    I saw two minutes of the video, by the way........placebo effect, eh?  So the foregrip didn't really make my guns accurate; it was just my mind thinking it was.  Wow.  Clever stuff there, Treyarch. >_<'

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    the forgripe is not useless( especially on LMG's), however i do not use it, because if you just crouch, it acts as a forgrip, no need to waist  a box on it

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    I like the Grip mostly on the MK48, the post-patch FAL, and the Mp7.  Scar H doesn't benefit enough to make it worth using; I'd rather use QD and Fast Mag.

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    I did some research with fully auto ARs SMG and LMGs... generally I found the Iron Sights RDS HF and MMS to not need a foregrip while a ACOG and TF do better with a foregrip...


    Guns with higher ROF and Ammo capacity with the Iron Sights RDS HG and MMS, they work better without a foregrip...


    Guns with higher ROF and Ammo capacity with the ACOG and TF, they do better with the Foregrip...


    not sure if these results are the effect of placebo... but I find myself to be on target better with heavier guns with the foregrip...


    (All tests are wothout any perks...) 

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      I just go with the adjustable stock.  I've seen videos where it acts like a forgrip on tests but to a slightly lesser degree, but still noticable (stock vs. forgrip).  Plus you get the added bennifit of faster aiming.


      From personal expirences, not tests...I have used it on LMG's, the PDW and SMR.  Seems to give a little stability, just enough to land a few more shots in addition to faster aiming.

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        nvr tried the stock b4.... I tot it is a useless CAC slot since I dont see any guns with the stock at all...

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          Well, admittingly, on a smg forgrip is the better choice since the aiming speed is much greater.  But on any other gun, stock provides 2 bennifits as opposed to just one.


          -I almost HAVE to use stock on a lmg imo.  It provides some accuracy for longer range and provides a faster aim down site movement for target selections when not posted up and watching your flanks


          -Asult rifles can then cover corners as fast as a smg (if you need a grip at that range then aim needs some work) and you still get more accuracy long range


          Idk, just seems so usefull to me

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    DEFINTATLY makes a HUGE difference on LMG's, slightly noticable on AR's and SMG's though to me. LMG's hold a tight pattern with foregrip and tend to wander quite a bit without it If you hold the trigger down.

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    I personally have this one on almost every gun-  its a staple - I use the LMG alot though, thats probably the most noticable bennefitting class.

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    I tested the AR SMG and LMGs without the grip this pass week... the LMG is unuseable the SMG needs Long Barrel and AR... Dont spam/overburst it